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Report: AT&T Worked Closely With NSA to Aid Spying

Aug 17, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Telecommunications powerhouse AT&T Inc has provided extensive assistance to the U.S. National Security Agency as the spy agency conducts surveillance on huge volumes of Internet traffic passing through the United States, the New York Times reported on Saturday, citing newly disclosed NSA documents,” Reuters reports.

Reuters adds: “The newspaper reported that the company gave technical assistance to the NSA in carrying out a secret court order allowing wiretapping of all Internet communications at the headquarters of the United Nations, an AT&T customer.”

According to The Times, the documents, provided by Edward Snowden, cover the period from 2003-2013 and indicate that AT&T aided the spy agency in a wide range of classified activities.

“The documents describe how the NSA’s working relationship with AT&T has been particularly important, enabling the agency to conduct surveillance, under various legal rules, of international and foreign-to-foreign Internet communications that passed through network hubs in the United States,” Reuters adds.

The paper reported that AT&T installed surveillance equipment in at least 17 of its U.S. Internet hubs, Reuters notes.

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