Trump’s Damage Control Tour: ‘I Am the Most Fabulous Whiner’; Here’s the Clip

Aug 11, 2015  •  Post A Comment

GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump made a couple of high-profile appearances this morning on the cable news channels, seeking to undo some of the damage from the recent debate and his subsequent attack on Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

During a visit to CNN, Trump admitted to being “the most fabulous whiner,” a label that was applied to him in a recent newspaper piece. Trump told CNN’s Chris Cuomo: “I do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

Here’s a clip:


  1. No, Donald. You whine because you are a) a sore loser with the manners of a wild boar (and bore); b) a sniveling jerk who can’t stand not to get his own way; and c) a spoiled brat whose parents should have said ‘no’ more often.
    Don’t come on all lovable now. The strain might make your hairpiece fly off.

  2. George, stop being such a liberal lemming. TRUMP 2016 #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN

  3. Whine on Donald. The more you shoot off your mouth, the less chance the Republicans have of taking the Whitehouse.

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