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ABC’s New ‘View’: Did Return of Joy Behar Translate to a Ratings Bump?

Sep 11, 2015  •  Post A Comment

ABC is hoping to breathe ratings life back into its daytime talk staple “The View,” but the early returns are less than promising.

Media Life reports that Tuesday’s season premiere saw a sharp decline in women 25-54, a key metric for the show. The premiere averaged a 1.0 rating in the demo, off a hefty 47% from a year ago.

The show pulled a 2.5 household rating, down 22%. The report cites Nielsen figures.

The new season features a new lineup of co-hosts, including the return of Joy Behar after a couple of seasons off the show. Stalwart Whoopi Goldberg is the only other veteran still in the lineup, with Raven-Symone, Michelle Collins, Paula Faris and Candace Cameron-Bure filling out the roster.

Comparisons to last year’s premiere are bound to be difficult, as the show’s 2014 premiere numbers were its best in eight years.

One promising note is that the household rating for this year’s premiere topped the season average of 2.3 for last year. In women 25-54 the premiere equaled last season’s average.

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  1. Have they NOT noticed….The View has slumped year after year with Whoppie Goldberg as co host . WAKE UP ABC

    • YES DAN. THANK YOU Someone besides me sees Whoopi as the problem. Bring Rosie O back.

  2. It’s so bad now. Joy can’t save it. It’s long been gone. Just cancel it and put it and Us out of misery.

  3. Not only Whoppi but where did they dig up this Michelle Collins? Not funny, talks way to much and makes fun of other people’s looks! Doesn’t she have a full length mirror?

  4. Time to pull the program. When you upset 3.4 million people across the country and then have the odacity to say “it was misconstrued ” and “they didn’t listen” you have a zero chance at redemption . You picked the wrong Profesion to go after. It’s time for a change and the view needs to go. Your viewership will decline significantly now because all these nurses have families and friends who will not stomach ever watching this horrendous show again.

  5. The View has been a favorite of mine but is now sometimes hard to watch since the return of Joy Behar, She tries to present herself as “know all about & I am the only one you should listen to” She doesn’t let anyone speak. Love Whoopi as she states before she is anything she is an American. If a guest differs with Joy we hear about it for days & weeks later.

  6. I turn it off immediately and go to another channel. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but now is a “praise the democrats” show. Can’t stand Joy Behar.

    • i cant stand Joy Behar get her off television

  7. I turn it off immediately and go to another channel. It used to be one of my favorite shows, but now is a “praise the democrats” show. Can’t stand Joy Behar. They spend too much time in adoration of Obama and Clinton. Didn’t know it was a political show.

  8. Am surprised when I see such bad reviews of the show.it is one of the few female shows that actually discusses politics and not just gossip. In time I guess people will realise it has an important role to play in educating women.

  9. The View has become true to it’s title. There is only one view. Candace Cameron Bure provides the show with common sense, but is nearly tackled for her conservative responses. Candace is not on the show enough to take the time to check for her presence.

  10. Since I stopped watching long ago I will give my 2 cents, first I cant stand the costic comments that Behar makes about personalities she disagrees with, you can really tell she grew up in some Jersey tennament slum accent and all yuck! What a slug. She is so strongly committed to political correctness and the establishment propaganda like a program zombie that brings nothing to the table of interest, of course Woopi beats the racial drumb to death so nothing there. About the only refreshing one of interest is Candace but I think her purpose is a little eye candy to draw in the male gender and I must admit I wouldnt mind having her on my arm but I still dont watch the show, well, ok I do if she wears a leggy short skirt.

  11. Absolutely have taken this show off my dvr! Can’t stand joy (who is NOT funny). Where is their conservative on the show! When Candance can’t be there, they need another honest conservative! Disgusting, especially during an election year!!!!!! All my friends have also stopped watching. Ugh

  12. Those women do not represent my point of View! Biases and left wing. Behar the worst one.

  13. I use to love this show. Now I can’t stand it. Joy Behar killed it for sure. I think they are trying for a left wing news show

  14. Can’t stand Joy, she makes fun of fat people, even though she herself is porky, makes fun of people suffering from anorexia, she thinks she’s funny, she’s not, always inturupting people, stopped watching s couple of years ago, when she came back, hope they don’t renew for season 21

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