What to Do When You’ve Lost the Millions Who Watched ‘Here Comes Honey Boo Boo’ and ’19 Kids and Counting’? You Announce a New Series Called ‘Sex in Public’

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Let’s go to the press release:

Jill Dictrow Surprises People All Over the Country: One Awkward Conversation at a Time in New TLC Series “Sex in Public”

TLC Announces New Six-Episode Series Premiering Friday, October 2nd at 10/9c

(Silver Spring, MD) — Therapist Jill Dictrow goes undercover in the most unsuspecting of places in an attempt to get real people to open up about the good, the bad, and the un-sexy when it comes to their personal lives. SEX IN PUBLIC is more than just talking about sex — it’s about helping people who are too shy, too nervous, or too embarrassed to go to a friend, relative, or even a therapist to seek help on their relationships. Sometimes, it’s easier for people to speak with complete strangers, and you won’t believe what Jill finds out when she starts talking about SEX IN PUBLIC on Friday, October 2nd at 10/9c on TLC.

Jill is going undercover and setting up hidden cameras, offering free advice to people in some of the least private locations — the mall, a bridal shop, a park, and more. SEX IN PUBLIC is an unprecedented way for couples, friends and individuals to work on their sexual, dating, and emotional issues. Each week, Jill puts herself in seemingly awkward situations, with the goal of helping complete strangers resolve the topics they’re most eager to talk about, but most hesitant.

In the premiere episode of SEX IN PUBLIC, Jill plays matchmaker when she meets two friends at the mall — on massage chairs — who have feelings for each other, but have been too coy to confess them. She tries to get them to quit playing games and guides them on how to get out of the “friend-zone.” She goes undercover as a bride-to-be in a bridal shop and helps a woman come to terms with her troubled engagement. Then, while at an open-house, Jill gets a pair of roommates to open up about their sexual tension. Last, she heads to the food court where she meets a group of friends and helps them navigate the best way to satisfy their sexual appetites and overcome hurdles in their relationships.

Finally, the TLC press release notes that “Sex in Public” is produced by Barracuda Television Productions. Of course it is.

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  1. Nice to see The Learning Channel has upped the bar for quality educational programming. Not.

  2. TLC … The Lewd Channel.
    (Come watch and we’ll learn ya sumthin’!)

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