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Here’s a Quick Round-Up of TV Critics’ Comments on Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Debut — and a Clip of Colbert’s Best Bit on His First Show

Sep 9, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Robert Bianco, USA Today:

“He’ll need to relax a bit: As you might expect, given the stakes and the hype, he seemed a bit over-caffeinated. But calm will almost certainly come with time.”

“Blame nerves or excess adrenaline, but for whatever reason, Colbert’s chat with Clooney felt oddly stilted, with uncertain transitions from serious topics to prearranged comedy. He actually seemed more at ease with his second guest, Governor Bush (‘Oh, you were so close to getting them to clap!’), perhaps because that interview fell more squarely within his old ‘Report’ wheelhouse.”

Matt Roush, TVInsider

“The first-night jitters were obvious, including clunky editing of the interviews (Bush’s felt especially truncated), uneven pacing and an overall manic quality that most truly paid off during Colbert’s much-anticipated Donald Trump riff.”

“Clearly, Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ won’t revolutionize the late-night talk format as much as eventually tailor it to his own sensibilities, promising substance as well as silliness.”

Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“Not surprisingly, this first night seemed like an amalgamation of every piece of Colbert — from pre-‘Daily Show’ TV stuff all the way through post-Colbert Report weirdness that he exhibited online while touting his new CBS series over the summer. There were some nerves — how could there not be? — and there were plenty of flashes of the wickedly smart and super-fast comedic intellect he’s honed over the years. Did it all work? Of course not. But what I liked most was the feeling that Colbert was going to reveal a side of himself that he didn’t get to show much on the ‘Colbert Report’ or even ‘The Daily Show’ — a side that was much more reflective of his days on ‘Strangers With Candy’ or even the ‘Dana Carvey Show.'”

Melissa Maerz, Entertainment Weekly

“Is late-night ready for another politically minded, semi-absurdist host at a time when so much programming is geared toward breezy chit-chat and broad morning-after memes? … [I]t’s up to Colbert to make smart late-night programming relevant again. Whether he can do that as the ‘real’ Colbert remains to be seen. But so far, he’s good at pushing guests like [Jeb] Bush to reveal something real about themselves.”

Brian Lowry, Variety

“The clunky elements within the expanded premiere, actually, were somewhat beyond Colbert’s control, foremost among them a staggering nine-minute break between Clooney and Bush. Yes, the network’s got to pay the bills, but even allowing for the fact the original material was frontloaded, that felt borderline numbing — a description that also applies to the audience continuing to chant, ‘Stephen! Stephen!’ well past the opening love fest.

“Colbert closed the show by joining Mavis Staples and his band in a joyous sing-along, reflecting the infusion of energy he brings to this CBS franchise. Although he joked at the outset about the benefits of having nine months to produce a single hour of TV, Colbert looks like he has the skill set to settle in and make this job his own, night in and night out.”

Here’s a video of Colbert’s funniest bit he did during last night’s show:


  1. It seems all the reviews have forgotten the manic Steve Allen version of late night comedy. Or weren’t born.

    • Letterman was never this funny, ever.

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  2. Meh…. My official first impression.

  3. One nit- pick. Colbert seems to be OVER PREPARED about his guests and does not let them converse with a natural cadence. He asks a canned question and then interrupts and talks over his guest as they attempt to answer while peppering them with yet another question and repeats that cycle over and over. Let your guests have the spot light Stephen…JEEZ…

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