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House Speaker John Boehner Announces Resignation and CBS News Quickly Lands the First Sit-Down Interview with Him. How It Happened

Sep 25, 2015  •  Post A Comment

About an hour ago The New York Times rushed to press with a story that carried this lead: The Speaker of the House of Representatives “John A. Boehner, under intense pressure from conservatives in his party, announced on Friday that he would resign one of the most powerful positions in government and give up his House seat at the end of October…”

By the time that story hit the Internet, CBS News had already lined up the first sit-down interview Boehner will give about his decision. It will happen Sunday on “Face the Nation.”

Here’s how it happened, according to Dylan Byers at CNN Money:

“Minutes after news of John Boehner’s resignation broke, the House speaker’s office put in a call to ‘Face The Nation.’

“Earlier in the week, Boehner had agreed to do a taped interview on Friday about Pope Francis’ visit to Washington, the possibility of a government shutdown and other news of the week, CBS sources said. Boehner couldn’t do it live on Sunday because, like so many lawmakers, he intended to leave the District for the weekend.

“Then, Boehner announced his resignation. Shortly after, around 9:30 a.m., his office called ‘Face’ and informed them that the speaker’s schedule had changed and he would be available for a live, in-studio interview with host John Dickerson on Sunday.”


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