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NBC Launches on Roku

Sep 22, 2015  •  Post A Comment

NBC has launched a streaming channel on the Roku platform, where its new fall shows, along with thousands of hours of library content, will be available, Multichannel News reports. Roku players and Roku TV models will provide access to the NBC channel.

“All Roku customers will be able to log-in to the NBC channel to access day-after-air full episodes of the newest NBC fall programming, including, NBC notes, ‘Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris,’ ‘Blindspot,’ ‘Heroes Reborn,’ ‘Truth Be Told’ and ‘The Player,'” the story reports. Returning programs will also be available.

Roku customers will be required to authenticate through their pay-TV provider.

In an announcement, Rob Hayes, executive vice president of NBC Entertainment Digital, said: “We want our shows available where our viewers are watching content. As consumers shift to connected devices, we are committed to working with platform partners like Roku so our fans and audiences interested in entertainment can discover, engage with, and watch our shows.”



  1. “Roku customers will be required to authenticate through their pay-TV provider.” Let me see, most Roku users have punted their cable bill into the next county and access programming, including NBC programming, via digital antennae, Netflix and Hulu plus. This model may be fine for those with an unlimited budget and unlimited time to watch that much programming, to them I say go for it. In the meantime, there’s more than enough content on the previously mentioned outlets and YouTube, and all for under $70.00 a month.

  2. I do not have Pay-TV, but I found if you connect through a WiFi hot spot of a Cable provider, the app will install and run just fine.
    Well, as fine as it can… this NBC app is not worth your time. I tried watching the Hero’s Reborn series and the roku crashed twice in one episode. As soon as you start a show you are greeted with a commercial, then you have about 6 more commercial breaks in the show. You can not restart a show were you left off. If you exit, or Roku reboots, you have to ff back to that point. That is after you watch the first commercial again, at least they don’t make you watch ALL the commercials again. However, the ff speed is super slow, it take a full minute to ff 18 minutes of show. If the app crashed at 36 minute, you get a 30 sec to 1 minute commercial and then 2 minutes to get back were you were.
    Over all, NBC app is not ready for use yet.
    After getting frustrated with all the reboots, I went online and downloaded a copy from Pirate Bay in just a few minute…. and when I played it back with the Roku Media Player, it did not crash, I could resume at any point, and had all the good features of the RMP.
    I have no problem with commercials, but if you require a subscription or pay service to use the app… commercials should be short and few.

    It is not a real APP, it is just a show piece for bragging rights of a Big Company. I rate it 1 out of 10… the 1 is the ability to skip commercials if you start ff before it gets to the dot on the time bar.

    AS a side note… after watching the show, I would also not recommend letting anyone under about 16 watch this channel.

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