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Nielsen’s New Ranking of DMAs Is Out, and There’s Movement Among the Top Markets — Who’s Up and Who’s Down?

Sep 4, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The new ranking of television’s designated market areas is out, and the top 10 has seen two markets swap places while a number of other changes also occurred in the top 20.

TVNewsCheck reports that the new ranking from Nielsen finds Washington and Boston trading places, with Washington now ranked No. 7 while Boston slips to No. 8.

Tampa-St. Petersburg surged two positions, rising to No. 11 and knocking Phoenix down to No. 12 while Detroit fell to No. 13.

Orlando and Cleveland traded places, with Cleveland rising to No. 18 and Orlando slipping to No. 19.

Other changes occurred in the lower rankings of the list of 210 TV markets. You can see the whole list by clicking here.


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