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Why One Segment on the Emmys Caused the Twittersphere to Go Ballistic

Sep 21, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The Internet went nuts last night when the folks who broadcast the Emmys decided to do a montage spoiling just about all the TV series that ended this past season.

“[W]ithout warning or notification, [Sunday’s Emmy] awards show aired a spoiler-filled montage of all the series that recently ended — ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Mad Men’ and ‘Sons Of Anarchy’ included — ruining anything you had DVRed or saved on Netflix,” reports E! Online News.

The story continues, “Unsurprisingly, the Internet erupted in outrage, unable to comprehend the blasphemy! Here are just a few of the [tweets about] the lack of a #SpoilerAlert”:

Ellen DeGeneres: Thanks #Emmys. I had DVRed all of those shows.

Jake Tapper: Kind of astounding that given the new business model of TV, #Emmys would run a spoiler-a-bration. Ok now I won’t binge order [Fill in blank]

Not Bill Walton: Millions of people just unwillingly learned a spoiler about who gets shot at the end of Boardwalk Empire. Thanks #Emmys!

The E! story also says, “A couple people came to the Emmys’ defense and called out the slackers for not keeping up with the popular shows”:

James Poniewozik: Oh no, there were spoilers on a program dedicated to honoring a year of TV shows that have already aired!

Kelly Sharon: To everyone complaining about spoilers: most of those shows ended in the spring. If you haven’t watched you’re not going to.



  1. There once was an author who wrote: Much ado about nothing.

    To the “protesters” I say: Sit down, shut up and play your overstuffed DVR, or erase everything and get on with your life.

    OK. I’m off my Soap Box.

  2. Another reason why the Emmy Awards will be one of the lower rated award shows next year. Another great example that Broadcast TV still doesn’t understand their audience. You wonder why there are so few sophomore shows this year?

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