Big Week for Football in Broadcast Rankings — Only One Network Is Able to Crack the Top 5 With Entertainment Programs

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Nielsen data for the week of Oct. 19-25, with three days of delayed viewing added in, shows NFL football holding down three of the top five positions among broadcast programs in total viewers, with two CBS shows — “NCIS” and “The Big Bang Theory” — the only entertainment programs able to break into the top five.

Football coverage on NBC, Fox and CBS holds down the other three positions in the top five. Fox’s Sunday coverage ran into prime time to join the party.

The top 10 includes four NFL broadcasts — NBC’s Sunday night pre-game show came in at No. 7 — along with four CBS scripted shows. Among the other networks’ entertainment programs, only two — Fox’s “Empire” and ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” broke into the top 10.

The biggest gainers in the top 10 from delayed viewing were CBS’s “Blue Bloods,” which grew 32% with three-day viewing added in, and Fox’s “Empire,” which rose 31%. “The Big Bang Theory” saw a 29% bump.

Here are the top 10 broadcast programs for the week of Oct. 19-25 in total viewers, including percentage gain from three-day viewing:

  1. Sunday Night Football (NBC): 20.662 million (0% gain from 3-day viewing)
  2. NFL Sunday (Fox) 20.264 million (0% gain)
  3. NCIS (CBS): 20.037 (16% gain)
  4. Big Bang Theory (CBS): 18.910 million (29% gain)
  5. Thursday Night Football (CBS): 17.189 million (0% gain)
  6. Empire (Fox): 16.033 million (31% gain)
  7. Sunday Night Football Pre-Kickoff (NBC): 15.701 million (0% gain)
  8. NCIS: New Orleans (CBS): 15.188 million (17% gain)
  9. Dancing with the Stars (ABC): 14.036 million (12% gain)
  10. Blue Bloods (CBS): 13.722 million (32% gain)

Rankings are based on Nielsen Live+3 data.

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