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CNBC and Chris Christie Sound Off About Last Night’s Debate

Oct 29, 2015  •  Post A Comment

GOP presidential candidate and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was blasting CNBC this morning about the questions that were asked during the debate Wednesday night. Multichannel News reports that Christie thought the questions were biased.

Christie appeared today on “Morning Joe,” on CNBC sister channel MSNBC. He’s quoted saying: “First of all, the moderators just didn’t do their job last night in a number of areas. Not only were the questions snarky and divisive and non-substantive, they were just biased.”

Christie also indicated that the moderators allowed the debate to get out of control, saying: “It became somewhat of a free-for-all that everybody had to jump in when you could jump in.”

Other candidates, including Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, also reportedly criticized the questions, and their tone, during the debate.

The report notes: “At one point during the debate, Christie had said to moderator John Harwood: ‘Even in New Jersey what you are doing is called rude.'”

A spokesperson for CNBC defended the questioning, answering the general complaints from the candidates by saying: “People who want to be president of the United States should be able to answer tough questions.”

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  1. It seemed quite obvious the last thing on the mind of the moderators was getting substance and clarity of issues for the American voters. They seemed more intent on making candidates look bad. Who do you suppose benefits from that?

  2. Agreed Walt. It was a disgrace. And a financial network was the last place I thought something like that would happen. I was wrong.

  3. I’m sorry CNBC, but I want to know the candidates opinions on issues effecting our country. I don’t care if one candidate thinks another candidate is a good or bad potential president. I can make up my own mind. I thought this debate was supposed to be on the economy but it was as much an attempt by CNBC to play, “GOTCHA” as it was a debate on the economy. CNBC should be ashamed of themselves for the moderators they chose and the questions they allowed them to ask.

  4. This was an embarrassment for all media. The best quote was about how Hillary sat in front of a congressional committee, admitted she lied, and then the media circus declared her a winner; and said it was the best week of her campaign. The media is a Super PAC for Hillary. But it appears that the Public isn’t being fooled this time. Even though most of the press continues to push her candidacy, Sanders is pressuring her and the Republican candidates are narrowing her lead. When there is only one Republican that the country can focus on, she may be in real trouble, no matter what the media wants.

  5. Ahem – that’s President Hillary to you Guilty Cleric.

  6. Christie should just shut up to be honest. He would not let the question on the controversies about Fan Duel etc. be asked in full, just saying who cares about fantasy football. As a former prosecutor, he should know there is an investigation. Then, he accused the US Government of taking money from one program, using in another, illegally. This from the Governor whose administration is under a federal proble from diverting money from the Port Authority to NJ road projects, because he took money from budgeted areas and used them elsewhere. What a hypocrite. But then again, he is known for pandering to an audience, often contradicting himself.

  7. The questions were smart and on topics that are important to our country. Fact check what the answers to tough thoughtful questions were and you find that the candidates deflected anything that required intellectual astuteness and a grasp of an issue and went on meaningless rants. How uninformed is our country to not see through these buffoons. Some of the answers were out and out lies.
    My Dad used to say they are all alike, Democrats and Republicans. They say anything to look good and get elected and then when they get in office, they are all alike. There will be no president elected who will have the ability to “Change the Washington Culture”. It’s a den of thieves and liars and we have not even been a Democracy for a long time now. Money rules.
    The press doesn’t seek truth from these candidates with any passion and the politicians are foolish, bloated, fools.

  8. Barry Kearson – please don’t vote! At least not until you do some real study on our country and government. Parents do instil their prejudices in their children and your quote of your father certainly demonstrates this. But when you consider that universities have a student population that is 90% liberal and a staff nearly 100% – but a few years in the real world tends to change this. Our country is just about split down the middle and that is AFTER our schools, universities and yes Barry, parents try their best to convince us that the liberal or contemptuous view is correct. If those same groups presented honest information without any editorial pressure, simple math suggests our nation would be a much more conservative and stronger nation closer to what was designed by the founders. But you can never know that without studying. I fully expect you to react as liberals do and attack me personally because nothing I said here is anything but verifiable facts. Liberals hate facts!

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