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It’s Early in the Fall Season, But Here Are the Four Shows Already Designated as ‘Most Likely to Be Canceled’

Oct 5, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Just two weeks into the fall broadcast season, four shows on prime time already are in trouble, according to a new analysis by Toni Fitzgerald in Media Life magazine. Fitzgerald singles out three new drama series along with one third-year drama as “most likely to be canceled.”

The new shows are NBC’s “The Player,” Fox’s “Minority Report” and ABC’s “Blood & Oil.” Additionally, Fox’s third-year drama “Sleepy Hollow” makes the Media Life list. Fitzgerald indicates that the shows, all of which are struggling in the ratings, will have a hard time surviving to the November sweeps.

The report notes that “Blood & Oil,” which stars Don Johnson and pulled a 1.4 in the key 18-49 demo for its debut, leads into ABC’s potential hit “Quantico,” meaning the network may quickly lose patience if the lead-in appears to be dragging down the 10 p.m. show.

Commenting on “Sleepy Hollow,” which has a better time slot this season, Fitzgerald notes that the program managed only a 1.0 in 18-49 for its season premiere — half of what the premiere pulled in last season. Fox’s “Minority Report,” meanwhile, dipped to a 0.9 average in its second week even with a solid lead-in from “Gotham.”

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  1. As usual, I’m into 3 of the 4 series…. Dang!

  2. Darn it! I thought blood&oil was wayyyyy better than quantico a show about a whore fbi agent!

    • Frank: “Whore FBI agent”?
      Wow. Sounds like you have some anger issues there, buddy.

  3. I couldn’t even make it all the way through Minority Report. This does not surprise me

  4. I just watched the first two episodes of “Blood and Oil” last night back-to-back. Since “Blood and Oil” is serialized, the second episode made a lot more sense watching double episodes.

  5. Sleepy Hollow would have done better if Fox had actually promoted it. They better not cancel it because this is on them!

  6. Fox should put Sleepy Hollow on FX and run it like they do “Tyrant” or “The Strain” etc as maybe 12 weeks then bring it back as another short run. Give this show a break! It has a big fan base. Do like the Strain and show it again the next hour.

  7. LMAO so Thursday night at 9 is a “better time slot” for Sleepy Hollow? Against TGIT, The Blacklist and football? Foolish.

    • I agree!! What idiot thinks this is a better time slot?? I personally think they set it up for failure!!

  8. Wait. Forgetting sitcoms these folks think that, for example, “Rosewood” or “Code Black” are going to last the entire season? While I can easily see “Minority Report” being cancelled (I watch it but, honestly, it is not an engaging show), the other two new shows are solid (especially, and surprisingly, “The Player”. it would not surprise me if “The Player” starts getting more “buzz”).

    I know they are pushing it but, unless it is retooled, I do not see “Quantico”, making it through an entire season (though take that prediction with a grain of salt. I am also on the fence about “Blindspot”, and think that, unless there is some behind the scenes incentives or whatever,”Scream Queens” and “Chicago Med” will not make it to second seasons, and “Chicago Med” has not even aired yet).

    In the case of “Sleepy Hollow” if they had spent on advertising a sixteenth of what they spent pushing “Scream Queens” folks might know it has started its third season. If my dvr had not caught it I would not have known the season started. We did not see one commercial for it

  9. The Player is running against How to get away with Murder and NFL Football. Give it a chance NBC.

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