What Do the Co-Hosts of ‘Morning Joe,’ TiVo’s Tom Rogers, Cox’s Pat Esser and Arris CEO Bob Stanzione Have in Common?

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Here’s s hint. What they all have in common — along with John Evans, the CEO of Evans Telecommunications, and Dubby Wynne, the retired CEO of Landmark Communications — will happen in May in Boston.

That’s when all seven will be inducted into the Cable Television Hall of Fame. The co-hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” are Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough.

Longtime cable veteran Michael Willner, who is on The Cable Center’s board of directors, said in a statement: “I am thrilled to welcome these seven industry leaders into the Cable Hall of Fame. This year’s class members represent so many different aspects of our industry — from programming to operators, to technology and equipment. Each one of them has had a unique and immense impact on the growth of the cable industry and its influence on today’s society.”

The induction ceremony will take place May 16, 2016, at the Westin Boston Waterfront. As usual, it happens in conjunction with the annual national convention of the National Cable & Telecommunications Association, which next year runs from May 16-18 in Boston.

TomRogersTiVo CEO Tom Rogers, who previously guided NBC’s cable TV strategy
for many years, is one of seven new inductees into the Cable Hall of Fame


  1. OMG! Morning Joe is SOOOOO lame. How could it possibly be in any Hall of Fame? Maybe Hall of Fame for worst political fluff shows. Mika is a joke and Joe bloviates constantly. I had to quit watching when they started attacking Hillary Clinton in every show. Not to mention falling all over themselves over Donald Trump. Is this even a serious show or a comedy routine?

  2. A good team. I am a Republican, their back and forth a REAL emotional involvement makes their talents shine.

    Give ’em an A

  3. Joe and Mika belong in the Hall of Shame. Not fame. Joe bends and distorts the truth, particularly when it comes to Hillary Clinton. And Mika is perhaps the most shallow and ill-informed of all the talking heads on TV or cable TV and her constant criticism of Hillary Clinton, day in and day out, month in and month out makes it obvious that Mika has some personal axe to grand when it comes to the Clintons. Both of them are in embarrassment. I quit watching them months ago when attacks on Hillary Clinton became a regular feature of Morning Joe. They even manage to take positive news stories about Hillary Clinton and use them as segues into segments of Hillary bashing. I do note the one Republican supporter of the program, but that is only natural since Mika and Joe are on the same negative page when it comes to Hillary Clinton and when it comes to other matters of Democrats vs Republican, Mika is so shallow and uninformed that she is incapable of presenting an intelligent counter to Joe’s Republican viewpoint.

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