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ABC Under Pressure Over This Saturday’s GOP Debate — Decision to Exclude One Candidate Creates a Stir

Feb 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Since ABC announced the lineup for Saturday’s Republican presidential debate, the network’s decision to exclude Carly Fiorina from the event has stirred up a lot of chatter. ABC revealed Thursday that Fiorina, who has been polling below Chris Christie and John Kasich, failed to make the cut.

Christie and Kasich are both in, along with Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush. But Fiorina, despite pulling 1.9% of the vote in the Iowa caucuses to top both Christie and Kasich, is out.

CNN reports that the announcement prompted a number of prominent Republicans to speak out, with many of them taking to Twitter. Newt Gingrich tweeted: “.@ABC should put @CarlyFiorina in the new hampshire debate. she came in ahead of kasich and christie. She has earned a spot.”

A tweet from Mitt Romney said: “Hey @ABC: put @CarlyFiorina on the debate stage! She got more Iowa votes than John and Chris. Don’t exclude only woman.”

One of Fiorina’s rival candidates, Ben Carson, joined the chorus, tweeting: “With 9 Republicans left, I call on the RNC to get rid of arbitrary requirements for debates. Americans deserve to hear from every candidate.”

Ted Cruz has also called for Fiorina’s inclusion, and Fiorina herself has been stumping to get on the stage for Saturday’s event. B&C reports that Fiorina made a pitch on MSNBC.

“She told the news net it seemed odd with eight candidates left that she was the only one being excluded per ABC eligibility rules,” B&C reports. “She said she had sent a letter to the RNC and hoped they would step in and convince ABC to add her to the lineup.”

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  1. WBUR poll 2/5/16
    In the last WBUR poll before the New Hampshire primary, GOP candidate Donald Trump, seen here speaking in Portsmouth on Thursday, maintains a lead. (Robert F. Bukaty/AP)

    Despite the recent attention Rubio, of Florida, has received, the poll finds no evidence of a surge for him. He’s tied with Texas’ Cruz, for second.

    “We’ve got Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz sort of battling it out for who’s going to be in second and who’s going to be third,” Koczela said.

    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich come in close behind, at 9 percent each. Right behind are: corporate executive Carly Fiorina, with 8 percent; New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, at 6 percent; and neurosurgeon Ben Carson, at 4 percent.

  2. ABC is right. She is a non factor. Carson and Christie should be in the same boat after NH.

  3. Carly Fiorina should be in the debate. ABC excludes the only female…..

  4. She is a woman, is THAT the reason she is not on the stage? If this were Hillary Clinton, believe me, it would be a different story. I want to hear her debate, she is a viable candidate and deserves to be on the stage.

  5. This is totally unfair to the voters, she needs to be heard. Put her on the stage.

  6. Put Carly in the debate! She has earned the right to be heard in New Hampshire.

  7. I really think she needs to be on that stage. Let the people of NH hear her. ABC needs to do what is right.

  8. Go ahead, give her a podium; she really should be there. It’s not likely her appearance at the debate will push her into the top 3 any more than Christie or Kachich. But she’s gone all-in on her position already and she’s probably not going to say anything different from what she’s already said re: Hillary Clinton, Obama, Planned Parenthood and the videos. And that’s it. I dare you to have a shot of tequila any time she mentions one of those 4. You’ll never make the end of the show.

  9. Please put this candidate on the debate stage. We need to hear her views. For once let us hear and decide.

  10. ABC Executives: I’m 97 years old—please grant me this wish for my birthday—put Carly Fiorina on the debate stage! I’ve been waiting for a competent Republican to take the POTUS reins ever since Ron Reagan. Carly’s the one. Please don’t deny me one of life’s pleasures

  11. Mitt who? Who gives a shit what this guy thinks? She should be in because her numbers were better than Christi’s. She just is not as entertaining as Governor Christi except for her new face…

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