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Actor Known for ‘Rocky’ Movies Dies

Feb 26, 2016  •  Post A Comment

An actor who appeared in all six of Sylvester Stallone’s “Rocky” movies before last year’s “Creed” has died. USA Today reports that Tony Burton, who played corner man Tony “Duke” Evers, is dead at 78.

Burton reportedly died Thursday in California.

His “Rocky” character trained Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed in the first two movies in the series, then became the corner man for Stallone’s Rocky Balboa through the 2006 release “Rocky Balboa.” Burton is said to be the only actor besides Burt Young, and Stallone himself, to appear in all of the first six “Rocky” movies.

Weathers responded to the news of Burton’s death with a post on Twitter, writing: “Sad news. RIP Tony Burton. His intensity and talent helped make the Rocky movies successful.”

USA Today notes: “The ‘Rocky’ films helped the Flint, Mich., native, who had begun acting in 1974, to parlay his two Golden Gloves light-heavyweight titles into a Hollywood career. He was also in 1976’s ‘Assault on Precinct 13’ and 1980’s ‘The Shining,’ and had a steady string of TV guest spots. He retired from acting in 2007, the year after his final ‘Rocky’ movie.”

Here’s a clip from “Rocky IV” featuring Burton with Stallone …

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