Popular Judge on ‘The Voice’ Reveals Giant Tattoo on His Back That Took Six Months to Make — See It Now

Feb 24, 2016  •  Post A Comment

One of the judges on the NBC singing competition “The Voice” is sporting a massive new back tattoo, and his wife sent out a photo of it on Instagram.

The body art on Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine reportedly took six months to create, and is an evolved version of a piece that began as a much more simple mermaid tattoo.

Levine’s wife, Behati Prinsloo, sent out the photo, calling it “serious art.” Here it is …

adam levine-back tattoo-instagramAdam Levine’s back tattoo (Instagram)


  1. Jesus…too much.

  2. That’s awesome dang lol

  3. I don’t like it!

  4. This one will never be removed without ripping the skin off. . Ouch!

  5. Tastefully done! It’s so Adam, ?

  6. took six months and (yes a lot of money) the face and hands should not be that messed up. Not to mention the uneveness overall, the tail does not make sense (doesn’t flow right, looks 1 dimensional) the skull is so off and that’s just a few.
    It’s a really amazing design, but if you’re tattooing someone as famous as Adam Levine and spent six months on it, it should look a lot better than it does.

  7. Why do people litter their bodies ink? What does it prove? It looks ugly on a beach.

  8. Sent in by his wife?!?
    That’s funny, this guy needs to come out of the closet.

    • Just kidding. Cool tat dude.

  9. i wonder why people like adam levine and justin bieber just to name 2, have such f*cked up tattoos.

    i mean, why not get a tattoo by a good tattoo artist, the best tattoo artists in the world (which would be no problem for these guys) charge 14.000 per arm and look a hell of a lot better than these tattoos, if u wanna talk about “serious art” then take a look at what those artists are doing…

  10. It’s funny to see people who know ABSOLUTELY nothing about good tattooing comment on this. This is stellar AMERICAN TRADITONAL tattooing. It’s not supposed to be realistic or perfect, its folk art and this is some of the best. The fact that you comment such trash when your view on tattooing is completely wrong is just astonishing to me.

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