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Andy Grove, Tech Pioneer, Former Intel CEO and Silicon Valley Icon, dies at 79

Mar 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“Andy Grove, the brilliant Hungarian-born former chief executive and chairman of chip-making colossus Intel, and one of Silicon Valley’s most revered business leaders, died Monday at the age of 79,” reports the San Jose Mercury News.

The story continues, “During his three decades with the Santa Clara corporation, the gruff and demanding Grove helped mold Intel into a multibillion-dollar Goliath and the world’s biggest semiconductor company. Along the way, he also became a prolific author, donated millions of dollars to charity and was lavished with awards, including being named Time magazine’s Man of the Year.”

The story adds, “Widely regarded as a brilliant problem solver, Grove became close with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who viewed the Intel CEO as a mentor and one of his heroes. But in ‘Only the Paranoid Survive,’ a book Grove published in 1996, he confessed to obsessively fretting about his business.”

Writes The New York Times, “The cause of [Grove’s] death has not yet been determined, said Chuck Mulloy, a spokesman for the family.”

The Times also notes that “In his 50s, Mr. Grove publicly and successfully battled prostate cancer. In 2000 he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.”

The Times also writes that “Mr. Grove often insisted that the withering criticism of his management style and business tactics never troubled him, and that he was unconcerned about his legacy. ‘I’ve had a wonderful life,’ he told Wired in a lengthy 2001 interview. ‘What people are going to write about me 10 years after I’m dead — who cares?’”

We urge you to click on the links, above, to both the San Jose Mercury News and The New York Times, to read much more about Grove.

Here’s an interview, from YouTube, that Charlie  Rose conducted with Grove after the publication of one of Grove’s books:

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  1. Your link claiming to be to the Merc in actuality goes to the Scott Baio story here.

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