Sony’s Upcoming Playstation with Virtual Reality Sets Price for Its Fall Debut. Will It Be a Game Changer?

Mar 17, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“Sony said its virtual reality headset, the Playstation VR, will go on sale in October for $399 — significantly less than the $600 Oculus Rift or the $800 Vive made by HTC and Valve,” reports Bloomberg Business.

The story continues, “The lower price further cements a prediction already held by game developers and analysts: While Sony’s rivals have inspired greater excitement, more people will actually buy the Playstation headset, at least in the short term.”

The article adds, “With the first sophisticated consumer devices hitting the market this month, 2016 is supposedly the year of virtual reality, and the subject has dominated the gaming conference this week. Still, gaming companies have been trying to tamp down expectations about how quickly virtual reality will go mainstream. Andrew House, chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, declined to discuss the company’s sales projections. “

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  1. Microsoft needs something now for Xbox. They had a strong lead and blew it during the last launch by forcing consumers to purchase their Kinect add-on. Now it looks like they are going to be behind Sony again.

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