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Pepsi Rolls Out Unusual Ad Campaign Built on 5-Second Spots — Is This the Future of Entertainment?

May 6, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Pepsi is pioneering an approach to advertising that the company says is built for the future of entertainment, which Pepsi says is short-form.

USA Today reports that the new Pepsi campaign will feature more than 100 ads, each running just 5 seconds long. The spots, which will promote new emoji-adorned Pepsi bottles, will appear all summer on the Internet and on TV.

Chad Stubbs, Pepsi VP of marketing, touts the new spots as less annoying than the more traditional 15-second or 30-second preroll ads that run before online videos. “We already know consumers can take short-form entertainment,” says Stubbs. “That’s where the entertainment journey is headed.”

USA Today adds: “Pepsi’s creative team came up with more than 200 original emojis that will be featured in the ads and on 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max. The company will customize its strategy based on platform and context.”

While other companies, including Geico, have previously explored getting a message out in five seconds, the report notes that the Pepsi campaign represents a large-scale commitment to short-form ads that will pose challenges for linear TV.

“Turner Broadcasting will have to update its system manually when it starts running bundles of Pepsi’s ads next month on TNT, TBS, Adult Swim and Tru TV,” the report notes, adding: “The broadcast company was willing to work with Pepsi because of the campaign’s potential to create more powerful storytelling.”

Here’s a new 40-second clip posted by Pepsi that strings together a series of short-form messages …

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