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Why a Princeton Professor’s List of Failures — Which Has Gone Viral — Was Important for Him to Post

May 2, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A professor at Princeton University has been getting a lot of attention for posting what he calls his “CV of Failures.” The AP reports that Johannes Haushofer posted the piece to provide perspective for students who may be discouraged after experienceing their own failures.

Haushofer “writes atop the CV that most of what he tries fails, but those failures are often invisible,” the AP reports. “The assistant professor of psychology says it gives the wrong impression that most things work out for him, so people ‘are more likely to attribute their own failures to themselves.'”

Haushofer notes what he calls one “Meta-Failure” at the end of the CV: “This darn CV of Failures has received way more attention than my entire body of academic work.”

Haushofer’s full “CV of Failures” is posted here.

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  1. It would be nice if someone posted what “CV” stands for.

    And, by the way, while there are things in everyone’s life which are out of their control, most failures in life are attributable to one’s self. Saying they aren’t is dishonest, ignores reality, and quite frankly sounds a bit paranoid.

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