Battle Continues to Rage Between CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi

Jun 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Anderson Cooper and Pam Bondi are presenting two different versions of what went wrong with their confrontational interview in the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub shootings. After Bondi, the Florida attorney general, gave her account of the interview on the radio, the CNN host took time out during his show Wednesday to challenge Bondi’s claims.

In the original interview, which aired Tuesday, things got testy as Cooper questioned Bondi on her record on LGBT issues, implying her stance in the aftermath of the nightclub tragedy might be less than sincere. You can see a portion of the original interview by clicking here.

Here’s the follow-up segment aired Wednesday on “Anderson Cooper 360” …


  1. Cooper was pressing HIS agenda and not the news! He would have only been satisfied if the AG responded as Cooper wanted. But the AG clearly stated that her personal position is not what she is sworn to uphold, it is the constitution of the State of Florida. Cooper purposely tried several times to tangle those two together. For Cooper to do what he did at the time and place he did it was egregious! He had the AG trying to gather all the resources possible to help victims and Cooper would rather attack her record. The shrinking audience of CNN was not positively affected by Cooper’s actions..

  2. Agreed “Reality Check” To Cooper it’s always been and always will be all about HIM. He would make a perfect member of “The View” rather than a possible co-host with Kelly Rippa.

  3. Anderson was correct, of course. Bondi is an enemy of gay people. She called their equality dangerous and destructive. She wasted millions after the ban was ruled illegal. She is a bigoted fat cow and a hypocrite. Gays HATE Her. And we rightly laugh at her political fall!!

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