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Star of Cult Classic Lesbian Vampire TV Movie Returns for New Version

Jun 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A movie that originally aired on NBC and became a cult classic, considered one of TV’s cheesiest movies of all time, is being adapted for a new Lifetime remake with the original star on board. The New York Post reports that Tori Spelling, who continues to be closely indentified with her starring role in 1996’s “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?,” is all in on the Lifetime project.

“When the movie’s original star, Tori Spelling, heard that Lifetime was remaking the movie — with quirky actor James Franco producing, no less (he also has a small role) — she says she didn’t hesitate to board the crazy train,” The Post reports.

Spelling, 43, was asked whether she had any doubts about taking the part, and answered: “No, not at all, just because outside of ‘90210’ this is the project in my career that I get asked about the most. I’m sure it’s almost entirely based on the [movie’s] title … but people ask, ‘When are you going to get back together with the gang and remake “Mother, May I Sleep With Danger?” It’s my favorite cult classic.’”

Starring opposite Spelling in the 1996 movie was Ivan Sergei.

“In the 2016 reboot, Sergei has a small supporting role as a literature professor, but Spelling is front-and-center as Julie Lewisohn, whose college-age daughter, aspiring actress Leah (Leila George), is in love with lesbian vampire Pearl (Emily Meade),” The Post reports. “Pearl, in turn, is trying to ‘turn’ Leah into a fellow ‘Nightwalker,’ a group of (mostly women) vampires who target (mostly) abusive men. But she’s conflicted.”

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  1. The original was a vampire movie? Ivan Sergei was a lesbian vampire in the original? As unimportant as the subject is reporting like this honestly (and more than a few other stories here) makes me question how accurate you are in any of your coverage.

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