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Broadcast Networks Won’t Interview Former Secret Service Officer Who’s Written a Tell-All About the Clintons, Says Drudge Report

Jun 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“Team Hillary is working overtime to block former Secret Service officer Gary Byrne from appearing on ANY broadcast network,” reports the Drudge Report.

The story continues, “Byrne is set to reveal what he observed inside the White House while protecting the First Family in the 1990s.”

The story adds that “Hillary’s campaign has won assurances that he will not be invited to spread ‘lies’ on any of the nation’s broadcast networks. ‘It’s trash for cash,’ a campaign official warned one producer.”

The New York Post reports that in his book, “Crisis of Character,” which will hit stores on June 28th, Byrne writes that “President Bill Clinton had an affair with former Vice President Walter Mondale’s daughter — while multitasking with at least two mistresses in the White House.”

The Post adds that Byrne’s account of President Bill Clinton and the late Eleanor Mondale “then a TV journalist, is the first eyewitness report of the long-rumored affair.”

The Post also says that, according to Byrne, “The Mondale relationship really set [Monica] Lewinsky off, making her jealous and reckless.”


  1. I call bullshit…

  2. The mainstream networks gave no coverage to the book The Truth About Hillary when it came out years ago. There is nothing subtle about the way the media carry water for the Clintons.

    • The same media that eagerly regurgitated every email and Benghazi story.

  3. When Trump takes the White House, broadcast license renewals will really be interesting! He might actually take the “public trust” thing seriously!

  4. Sorry Clinton “Fan” but there is no BS involved with this tell-all book. And what a classic example of Clinton damage control. Somehow, I’ve just got this feeling that if this tell-all book had something to do with a conservative or a Republican, the networks would be falling all over themselves to have the author on. Seeing this spectacle play out should leave no doubt that supposedly mainstream media outlets do indeed have a distinct political bias and they are brazen in their display of it.

  5. I am a political independent and have been a registered Republican more often in the past decade than a Democrat. I wish there were other better choices out there for president in both parties. Having said that, I am not sure why President Bill Clinton’s poor moral behavior is relevant to Hillary Clinton’s run for president. Each candidate needs to present a clearer vision for the future of the USA.

  6. The typical Clinton machine strong-arm tactics will not work in a world with something called the “Internet”. Also, Trump’s planned speech for tomorrow outlining all of Hillary’s lies, deceptions, cover-ups and money laundering through the Clinton Foundation will be the anvil on her campaign.

    TRUMP 2016!

  7. Hey Joe Scudder, it matters because she is a hypocrite. She says she is a champion for women… but then mows down the females who expose Bill Clinton for what he has done to them. Then she says she is a champion for gays… but then takes money from governments who kill gays. Then she says she “will answer the call at 3 in the morning”… but lets our ambassadors in Benghazi. Everything uttered out of that mouth of hers is a lie and is not truly out to help America… she is only out to help herself. She is disgusting.

  8. Mr. Wonderful:

    You have some legitimate issues embedded in your post that could be articulated as such.

    I am not a Hillary Clinton defender or a Donald Trump defender. My point is to simply stick with her track record–not her husbands’s moral failures. Bernie Sanders made several legitimate negative points about her in his campaign that I think were generally fair.

    The same goes for examining Donald Trump. I really don’t think we need to deconstruct his relationships with his current and prior relationships.

    I think the big point to take away from the Trump and Sanders campaigns is that there are a lot of people who don’t feel like the current government is listening to them. Neither party is really supporting small business owners or the average skilled laborer. Many retired workers are watching their pensions erode as their pension funds cannot support all those who have paid into the system for years.

    There are some big issues we are facing in the USA and I would like to see both candidates layout a clear vision that addresses where average business owners and skilled laborers are–not the Wall Street profiteers.

    I believe we need to have some constructive dialog about the issues happening at our local levels so we can get past an impasse in Congress.

  9. Holy cow. The brain-dead Troompaloompa trolls have been called out in force to try to raise a ruckus over this garbage book. Hey, knock yourselves out, you idiots! It won’t do you ANY good.

  10. Hey Biff, read the book before you call it “garbage”. Or can you not read? Typical Hillary supporter…

  11. Hey, Mr. “Wonderful” — How do you know I haven’t read it? Typical loud-mouthed, ignorant, know-nothing, loose-cannon Troompaloompa supporter.

  12. Biff, ahh yes – nothing but insults & hate from you. I prefer replies with substance, understanding & thought provoking ideas. Typical Clinton supporter – blind to the truth & facts regarding HRC’s corruption and deception.

  13. Biff !!! You’re an idiot !! The book hasn’t even been released yet. That’s why the former secret service guy would be going on programs…to talk about the book to gin up interest. To quote the article “Byrne is set to reveal” THAT’S WHY Mr. Wonderful and others know you haven’t read it yet. We can now deduce that you are not a “Trumpaloompa” but you are indeed “dumber than an oompaloompa !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Mr. “Wonderful” (wonderful indeed) — You are not fooling anyone. The “insults & hate” are all yours, and only yours. Everyone in the nation knows that now. You would not know “substance, understanding & thought provoking ideas” if they slapped you across your bigoted face. We’re will soon know lots more about Troompaloompa’s “corruption and deception” — indeed, he is nothing BUT deception.

  15. Hey Bill – the point is not whether or not I have read the book, you fool. The point is that people like you and Mr. “Wonderful” (ha!) ASSUME that I have not read it. All your asinine, arrogant, insulting assumptions — not to mention your endless lies — won’t help you lick your wounds in November. YOU are the idiot, Bill baby.

  16. Biff, Biff, Biff, …It’s not an ASSumption if it’s obvious you haven’t read the book ! Pretty simple logic really. And look at you Biffster, throwing around accusations of “bigotry and insults and HATE.” NOW who’s making assumptions? But that is the mind of a liberal. Incapable of arguing facts and logic they immediately start throwing the “bigot” and “hate” the “meanness” and downright “not-niceness” epithets around. Come up with something BETTER Mr. Burns…

  17. Bill, you’re just too silly. It’s like listening to Trump or any other quasi-conservative — just not worth the time and effort, and certainly not worth the nausea. If you find comfort in defending conservatism these days, and bashing liberalism, you are absolutely not paying attention. Good luck with that and your wall.

  18. Biff, I’ll let you have the last word, because I need to get back to work. SOMEBODY’s got to pay for your indolent lifestyle. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Yeah, Bill. You had no come-back to that.

  20. Holy Cow! Biff is a master-debater. Such skill, such repartee, such use of facts and evidence, how could one ever refute his masterful and colorful use of the language, replete with an expansive vocabulary. Well Trump supporters you have met your match, Biff is scathing.

    Oh wait, Biff is the one who started off his argument, “Holy cow. The brain-dead Troompaloompa trolls have been called out in force to try to raise a ruckus over this garbage book. Hey, knock yourselves out, you idiots!” Never mind.

    Biff must not have anything concrete to present, so I guess insults will have to suffice.

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