Fiat Chrysler Investigates Crash That Killed ‘Star Trek’ Actor

Jun 20, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Fiat Chrysler indicated today it will investigate the crash in which “Star Trek” actor Anton Yelchin was killed when his 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee rolled down an incline and pinned him against a fence.

The company reportedly issued a recall in April for more than 1.1 million cars and SUVs worldwide that the company said might roll away after drivers get out of the vehicle. Reuters reports that the issue has been linked to 41 injuries, 212 crashes and 308 reports of property damage.

Yelchin’s Jeep was apparently one of the recalled vehicles.

“Yelchin died of accidental blunt force asphyxia, Los Angeles County Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter said in a phone interview Monday,” Reuters reports. “The results of toxicology tests to determine if Yelchin was under the influence of any substances are not due back for at least six weeks, he added.”

Fiat Chrysler reportedly did not yet have a fix for the recall issue.

“In a May 24 letter to dealers, Fiat Chrysler said it anticipated having the software updates required to fix the vehicles no later than July or August,” Reuters reports. “The company previously had told owners it hoped to come up with a ‘permanent’ remedy by the fourth quarter.”

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  1. The stupid “shifter” they put in those vehicles should never have left the drafting table.

    Return to a positive position floor shifter. Period.

  2. I have a Jeep Grand Cherokee and my car does the same thing. It is junk and it’s a shame they took so long to fix this

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