Invoking Shakespearean Tragedy in Legal Filing, Sumner Redstone’s Ex Seeks New Trial

Jun 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new legal filing in the ongoing court battle surrounding Sumner Redstone invokes Shakespeare’s tragedy “King Lear,” likening the decline of the Viacom boss to the Shakespeare character’s descent into madness.

The filing is part of an effort by Manuela Herzer, Redstone’s ex-girlfriend, to get a new trial over Redstone’s health care after a previous case was tossed out about a month ago. Herzer was dismissed as Redstone’s health care agent in fall 2015.

Deadline.com quotes Herzer’s new motion saying: “The comparison of waning Sumner Redstone to demented King Lear is apt. Ailing and easily fooled, King Lear, unable to discern false flattery from the truth, is duped into surrendering his power, land, and fortune to his two conniving daughters who ruthlessly implement their scheme to eliminate all opposition.”

The filing adds: “The contemporary version of this drama was set to unfold in five acts in a trial in the Los Angeles Probate Court. If the play had run its course, it would have revealed that Shari Redstone … was Goneril and Regan combined, Manuela Herzer was the wronged Cordelia who truly loved and cared about Lear, and Redstone was Lear, blind to his daughter’s lies about Manuela.”

The King Lear references continue in the filing, which can be read by clicking on the link to Deadline in this story.


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