‘Live With Kelly’ Announces Co-Hosts — Including One Who Has Been the Focus of Rumors That He Will Become the Permanent Replacement for Michael Strahan

Jun 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The nationally syndicated morning talk show “Live with Kelly” announced its lineup of guest hosts who will share the stage with Kelly Ripa during the week of June 20-24, and included on the list is CNN fixture Anderson Cooper.

Cooper, who has been the subject of persistent rumors that he will move into the permanent co-host’s chair previously occupied by Michael Strahan, is doing double duty during the week, co-hosting on both Wednesday, June 22, and Thursday, June 23.

Other co-hosts for the week are actor John Leguizamo (Monday, June 20), singer Josh Groban (Tuesday, June 21) and actor Jussie Smollett (Friday, June 24).

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  1. I would love to see Jussie Smollett get the job. He is funny, young, and adds life to the show. He has great chemistry with Kelly too.

  2. Anderson is overrated and over exposed. Cancel the show.

  3. Michael was the best Kelly is just the worst it is apparent now that she is so boring uggh just cancel this tired old show .

    • Well, what about us that LOVE THE SHOW should we just cancel it anyway, because (you want it) ?

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Plus if Kelly were half as hot as she thinks she is she would be average looking.

    • Agreed!

  4. I agree…cancel the show. Kelly’s little tantrum she threw when Michael announced he was leaving did it for me…

  5. Actually my problem with the show is, even as it was with Regis Philbin…. the first 15-20 minutes of the show is just banter back and forth with the co-hosts continually drinking something (what an easy show to direct… the technical director only has to punch 3 or 4 cameras). I wonder if any of their camera guys has ever fainted from lack of movement. Also, they talk too much about New York City. Who cares about New York City? The guests are boring (they’re only there to pump their new movie or record deal).
    “LIVE with Kelly and (state-your-name)” makes a great show for local TV (most stations are doing a very good LOCAL version of it anyway), but a national show like that needs to move to Hollywood and have national appeal. Until then, it’s a waste of a “New York minute” that you will never get back.

    • In Utah live with Kelly is on at 9am, the local news just announced that they are doing a show in that time slot, so now that Michael is gone and even though I am a huge fan of the show, it just doesn’t have the pep that it used to have, but I still love the show, the banter, and it’s my morning routine! I hope they don’t cancel it, so I guess my question is, are they cancelling the show or just moving it to a different time or station?? I have loved this show for years and as I said before, it’s part of my daily routine, what the heck is going on!! Someone please tell me???

  6. I am so tired of Kelly, she is too controlling!!!
    Need to get 2 new hosts!!!

  7. Wow you people need something else to do, negative Nellies!!! The show is perfect the way it is, loved MIchael but he has moved on. Excited to see who’s next…


    Peace out!

    • Lisa,
      I am with you. Its amazing how negative those have to be!!!! It is not necessary!!! I’ve loved Kelly Rippa since her start on All My Children to her syndication on Like Melly as it is now! If anyone watched she is just like the rest of us… she has body issues. ‘Stating often she looks like a teenage boy.” All of us women in the same age group care what we eat and how we look! On the other note Disney, Fox and all that is important to all genres are on here! The idea of Kelly speaking up to fairness she-like me in that she had the guts to call B S when she was blind sided. I think Strahan got caught up and he will be fine! Kelly, the daughter of a bus driver and a stay at home Mom… u go girl! I love u and Consuela + Anderson he is GREAT! Turn the channel .. Be positive and find someone to promote and commend!

    • I agree with you!!! Geeze ppl!! Love the show!!! Watch something else if you don’t like it!!

  8. Every time, I see Anderson Cooper on the show; I change the channel. He is so boring. The show needs someone funny with a grand personality! Otherwise, time to cancel!

  9. Love Kelly! I wish Michael had not left but that’s history! Keep up the good work Kelly–you’re the best!

  10. I Love Kelly Rippa She’s so Real But I won’t miss the show when Jerry Oconnor is on. He’s the most lexciting and terrific Co Host I was never such a fan Please choose him

    • I live Jerry OConnell as well. I hope that he gets the job! go Jerry! ❤️

  11. Love Jerry OConnell, he is so funny, dances,and really entertains , he seems like a really normal guy that you can connect with.

  12. I watched the show this morning with Jussie and thought he was great with Kelly. Good luck Jussie !

  13. I think nick lachey would be a awesome replacement for michael

  14. Think about it nick lachey would be so good with kelly
    Anderson cooper is to good of friend to Kelly to be a replacement.
    John no, second choice josh maybe and Jesse no
    I always thought that nick lachey would be good

  15. Wish that micheal never left the show love kelly she’s down to earth seem to love everyone would hate to see her cancel love you kelly and specify when her husband mark is with her.

  16. First of all, i thgt micheal did not fit in anyway. Kelly needs to give up this show, do a workout video, it seems to be what she focuses on anyway, i mean , it will be wintertime and shes wearing a sleeveless dress to show her arms off, come on. Start this show over wuth real people

  17. Of all Kelly’s co-hosts since Michael, I have found Jerry O’Connell to be the best! Jerry is funny, down-to-earth, entertaining and energetic, and he and Kelly have great on-screen chemistry! I know Kelly would prefer Anderson Cooper and they are very good friends, but that friendship just does not translate to same on-screen chemistry that Kelly and Jerry have. Anderson just seems too serious.

  18. Please no Cooper Anderson he is so boring and Kelly is controlling, give a chance to TWO new hosts. I am not watching the show anymore and it.s all due to Kelly with her tantrum when Michael left. The show should be given to him. I watch Good Mornng America to see Michael, he is such a good man. Please stop the show if Kelly stay there and she looks so stupid when Cooper is with her to co-host. Thanks!

  19. Have always loved Live. Also love Jerry O’Connell with Kelly. I also feel it was very unfair to announce Michael’s leaving Live, the way it was done. Kelly should have been told about it ahead of time.

  20. “Fred Savage” he has the same wholesome persona that michael had on the show.

    and he won’t come off as one of kelly’s male girlfriends.’……..that seem to never let us

    forget they are gay………so what.

    • I am with you about Frederick Savage being best with Kelly.

  21. All this hate for Kelly??? I feel she has done a great job since Regis retired. It was a huge upset to her that Michael left…I love him (who doesn’t), but Kelly should have been told privately by Michael. They were too close for her to hear it the way she did. As for Anderson Cooper…not really my favorite for this show. I think Jerry O’Connell would be great. Or find another unknown like Strayhan was.

  22. years ago when “Regis Philbin” was on…..I loved the show, no body could keep you engaged and tell an intriguing story like Reege! Even tho I watched the show with “Michael” ocassionally…my interest began to wane. I don’t enjoy watching “Kelly” as much anymore….I believe it’s run it’s course with me. Glad to see
    Michael Strahan’s success!

  23. Kelly is boring and childish. Michael dodged that bullet; but it should have been sooner. Never liked her at all. Snoozer. Cancel the show. Pleeeeaaaaasssseeee. Or bring back Regis & Kathy!!!

  24. I love live with Kelly and I loved Michael but now I would love to see Jerry O’Connell get the job. He’s so funny!

  25. Love Kelly. She is as real as it gets. I have watched her since All My Children and followed her to Live with Regis. She is a wonderful friend, Mother, and loves her family. Please don’t cancel the show. Step it up with a new cohost. If ratings/profit is low, consider selling show to Amazon where we could buy the show monthly to watch. Hang in there Kelly, we love you.

  26. Anderson Cooper way too BORING

  27. I liked the show but it’s been on for years and I think we have enough talk shows on right now. I think it’s time to cancel it. Nothing to do with Kelly as a host, she’s great. I’m just ready for something new and different.

    • Cancel it. It is boring and Kelley is overdone and I turn the channel all the time. I use to watch it but no more!!!! Michael was good enough but it is just a tired, overused format

  28. For those who are ditching Kelly please stop watching it but don’t ruin it for those of us who enjoy the show. I have enjoy most of the show except today because if you have two women together it feels like a chick flick. I would vote for Jerry O’Connell or Fred Savage both were great.

  29. I make sure I have a different channel on at 9:00 every morning. Michael made the show, and I’m so glad for his success. If not being told Michael was leaving is a bad day for Kelly, she is one spoiled girl. She spent too much time making sure the conversation was about her….I know this one, and I had dinner with that one…blah, blah, blah.

  30. I think it is time for this show to go. Kelly tries to be funny but looks very childest. She need a new hair style that looks like it has been washed and combed. I do not know who started the “little girl skipping” out everyday. Give us a break! Why can’t she just come out and act mature and talk to the guest. She expects her co-host to do like she does. I think that is lowering the standards of some of them. Maybe that is how Michael felt too.

    Michael is a good host no matter what show he is on. He is just a good guy all around. He is neat, cordial, well mannered, well educated and a gentleman.

    Josh Groman is a talented singer but over the years he has lost his own identity by trying to be someone else-style and music wise. It is time for him to clean himself up and be himself. Use his own talent God gave hime with his own style.

  31. I adore Kelly she is great but, I really think the show should be canceled. It has run it’s course and the show is extremely boring. No shade on Kelly I really love her but let’s face it, the show is not what it used to be. Miss you Michael and good luck to you and Kelly.

  32. Just cancel the show. It never made sense anyway – kinda like Seinfeld – a waste of tv air time. Kelly is a cry babby but she’s nowhere near as annoying as Kathy Lee. Life is full of changes; get over it, people.

  33. Love the kelly Ripa’s show , I am hoping Jerry O’connell gets the job he is funny and a family man he puts a smile on my face every time I see him .. it seems like he has it all together. Got my fingers cross, goog luck Jerry.

  34. Michael Strahan used to practice for the NY Giants in Albany. He was the nastiest most miserable player that ever hit Albany and my guess is elsewhere also. So this Mr personality attitude all of a sudden doesn’t cut it. Fans are what put him where he is today and he was terrible to them. Just can’t watch him. GMA you should have left well enough alone and don’t be so quick to think this was all Kelly.

  35. The network needs to cancel this show. It is absolutely nothing without Michael Strahan. Kelly is not funny and comes across as being phony. Show has been on too long. Time to cancel!!!!!

  36. racebush222@yahoo.com

    I am not supersize that the show will be cancelled. Kelly if is very rude to all her guest. We do not need another Kathy Griffin, who left after Regis did.

  37. Cancel the show. It’s been on too long

  38. I wish they would replace KELLY. Loved both Regis and Michael and thought he brought a lot of class and energy to the show. I find her immature and annoying and that little stunt after he left was unprofessional at best. I no longer watch it.

  39. Nothing will ever top the chemistry that existed between Regis and Kathie Lee….time for the show to go.

  40. Jussie who? Don’t even know who that is. Wouldn’t make me tune in….

  41. Cancel it. I used to watch when Michael was there I have no desire no. Kelley is nothong but a Diva. She wants it all her way.

  42. I quit watching the show even when Michael was on it It just lost interest and find myself turning the channel the minute it comes on.

  43. Just cancel the show, once Michael left the show was dead anyway.

  44. it’s time for Kelly to fade away. I don’t feel there will be heartaches from the many fans who watch the show(I know I wouldn’t miss her). When Regis was there, he was the head man (of course under Gelman and Art), and when Regis retired, Kelly’s head got too big for her britches and she felt she could influence anybody she wanted and also she could do whatever she wanted. She needs to be put down a few notches. Such a childish rampage she showed after Michael left the show. I don’t know what she thought was going to happen when nobody told her ahead of time what was going on. As far as I can figure, she is just another employee of ABC, just like other normal people who go to work every day and have to face similar situations. Time to go Kelly!!!

  45. I’m in Canada – a Canadian. I like Kelly. She’s down to earth, honest. Eg. Admits she didn’t go to university. (I have two degrees). Her show is fun & upbeat. Don’t want to see a woman cohost. Sorry. It’s more fun with Michael, Anderson etc. She can talk about New York a lot as far as I’m concerned. My favourite city in the world. The world is getting very scary. Both your presidential candidates are a disgrace. Kelly is nice and fun. Linda

  46. Hasn’t been the same since Regis left. In my opinion, Kelly has zero talent! I find her annoying and grating and can’t understand what the public sees in her.

  47. Fred Savage or Jerry O’Connell would make good cohosts. I really think Fred Savage, if he’ll move to New York, would be really good. I like Anderson Cooper and I know he’s friends with Kelly. But the cohost needs someone with a little acting skills and some comedic skills of his own. Anderson is good at the hard news etc and a good guest but not cohost. I don’t blame Kelly for her reacting the way she did to finding out about Michael leaving. Nobody’s perfect and that was a huge blindside. They alway seemed to have good chemistry and great friendship on the show, Don’t think Michael intended it be that way but that’s the way it worked out. I don’t get to see the show but once every other week so I don’t know any of the other cohost applicants but Fred or Jerry would be good.

  48. Please…no Anderson Cooper. I cannot understand Kelly’s fascination with him. I would absolutely love to see Nick Lachey. He is adorable and great eye candy!

  49. The show has run its course. It should have been cancelled long ago.

  50. Go a whole new direction…can Kelly, pay out the contract. Make it Live with Snookie and Vin Diesel…


  52. Used to be more of a Kelly fan than Michael Strachan until all her focus became stealing the spotlight away from her supposed good friend and turned his great career opportunity into a “smash and grab all the attention for me me me session” trying to make his success,t her betraya smh. That man has an obligation to his family first and anyone placed in a situation to choose between securing their family’s future or possibly sabotaging a great opportunity by not keeping quiet until they have sealed the deal. Family wins every time. Still not a Michael Strachan fan but am no longer a fan of the selfish diva Kelly either. If I must say so myself she had an opportunity to prove why she was qualified regardless of her co host but instead she showed all of us that she didn’t appreciate her position by not showing up for work like somebody stole her bike .she in that instance cancelled herself grow up Kelly ripa move on if anyone will hire you after this. Maybe you can guest host on your friend Anderson Coopers show.

  53. It’s boring! I haven’t watched it since Regis left. Kelly is just not relatable. Her “I’m so in love with myself” is a complete turnoff. It’s time to end.

  54. I used to LOVE Kelly Ripa when she was on All My Children! But this new Kelly is so in love with herself it’s hard to watch the show! She is soooooo phony! Replace Kelly with a new person or cancel the show. It’s tired!

  55. I only watched the show because of Michael strahan…he was so real and awesome but kelly has gotten winey and arrogant!!!!!! .. its always about” her” no one can replace Michael… I am not watching your show any more

  56. I love it when Fred Savage is co- hosting. Love that he is willing to try anything, and his reactions to some of them is hilarious! I always laugh when he’s on. It’s exactly what I need to start my day!

  57. I love Ryan Secrest!!!!…No brainier!! …Ruan Secrest is it!!!

  58. I have a 36 year old daughter that looks just like Kelly, with witt and all. I think that the two of them would make a great show. Quick witt and on the spot response is what Kelly’s show is all about. My daughter’s name is Dusti which also fits well. Kelly and Dusti looks really good, don’t you think? PS Dusti has dark hair versus blonde.

  59. I want to see more of Fred Savage!

  60. Just cancel the show…who wants to look at a starving Kelly….geez eat….you need to read comments about yourself….and you are so effing not funny….

  61. Personally, I have been watching the show for many years – Regis & Kathy – then Regis and Kelly- I absolutely “loved” Michael – he and Kelly could bounce lines off
    each other and the laughter and silliness really got a good start to my day. Now I
    don’t even watch it – there just doesn’t seem to be anyone that Kelly has as co-host that “grabs’ the audiance..Sorry, this is just one persons opinion.

  62. I personally think the show has ran its course……

  63. Did you see the major editing screwup this morning with the Rockettes? They repeated their performance twice. Maybe they have an intern doing the editing…

  64. Bring Michael back!!!!!

  65. I think KELLY RIPA is the person to be doing this show. I’ve liked her since All My Children and then Regis and Kelly. I can understand her feeling some type of way when she didn’t know about Michael’s departure. I also have to admit that it’s not the same for whatever reason. I also feel that KELLY can do a lot better than some of the shows aired since Strahan left. It’s not all on KELLY. So all the negativity about her should cease. Just get it together or leave it alone. Just saying. Love ya KELLY.

  66. I hope she picks Jerry O’Connell to be her permanent co-host. He is funny and personable and dances with the audience members when they do the daily contest! I don’t want the show to be cancelled. Anderson Cooper has his serious show, so leave him out of the mix. Jerry is the best choice for the job!

  67. Kelly needs to go get Ryan Seacrest and some good looking funny female capable of carrying her own weight or cancel the show it’s boring and outdated just like Gelman!!!

  68. The show should have been canceled long ago when Regis left Kelly Ripa SUCKS

  69. I love Kelly Ripa! I was off for medical leave from work and started watching the show again and now back to work and watch right after I get home with a nice glass of wine! She is so very witty and pretty and a great role model for most of America where most are overweight if not obese. She has been married happily for over 20 years to a wonderful guy, mark! I love Anderson Cooper filling in, I love Scott Wolf! really havent seen a show I didn’t want to watch or a cohost I didn’t enjoy. I would like to see a male cohost to have the opinions of both male and female. I am so sorry for some of the negative comments I saw above. What are these people watching? Jerry Springer (no offense personally to Jerry himself)! Let’s face it, New Jersey produces talented people, Kelly Ripa, Bon Jovi, Tom Cruise, Frank Sinatra, Brooke Sheilds, the list goes on…..Love this show! love the banter and news in the beginning and then guests interviews! Don’t change a thing and I will watch forever!!

  70. Gone is the era of LIVE watchers. It used to be all about Regis and his “hob-knobbing” and rubbing shoulders with celebrities. Then came Kelly. Enamoured by the “stories” like a star struck fan. Then Regis left. Who are the fans exactly? Who watches really just wants to win the daily prize but that requires sitting through an episode. Ughhhh. And the “all inclusive means it includes all” bit everyday isn’t funny the 60th time you hear it (if I watched it 60 times).

    I think this show has run its course. Kelly isn’t a host that can carry her own and the interviews are frankly boring. The fans of the old Regis days are no longer and the audience available during this time slot is dwindling by the second.

    Sorry live. It’s time to live. Buh bye

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