After He Was Shot, Man in South Florida Asked Police Officer, ‘Why Did You Shoot Me.’ The Police Officer’s Chilling Response

Jul 22, 2016  •  Post A Comment

In an incident that was largely captured on video, police reportedly shot a man who was trying to assist with a situation in which an autistic man had left his facility and was sitting in an intersection in North Miami, playing with a toy truck.

The shooting victim, therapist Charles Kinsey, was wounded when he was shot in the leg. Kinsey reported that after the shooting he asked an officer why he was shot, and the officer said simply, “I don’t know.”

Here’s a video report on the incident from “CBS This Morning” …


  1. There was no reason at all that anyone had to be shot in this situation. Too many people nowadays are just plain trigger happy and think that every situation can be fixed with a bullet.

  2. More than likely when this all comes out it will be an accidental shooting whereby one of the officers finger squeezed the trigger as a twitch. If it were a deliberate shooting the man would have been hit in his body not his leg.

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