Former Fox News Reporter Jailed on Rape Charges

Jul 28, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A former Fox News correspondent was arrested this week on charges of rape and forcible sodomy, according to a report by WSLS-TV in Roanoke, Va. Orlando Salinas was being held without bond Wednesday on a direct indictment from a grand jury in Montgomery County.

The charges against Salinas stem from an incident Jan. 11 involving a woman other than his wife. Additional details were not provided, but Salinas had reportedly been under investigation for months.

Salinas reportedly worked at Fox News before leaving in 2012 to take a job with CBS affiliate WDBJ-TV in Roanoke. AOL News reports that he was “released by the station due to insubordination in April of 2015.”

“At the time of his release he claimed he and management had ‘a difference of opinion as far as what news should be.’ He’s since walked away from the news business and had been working as a real estate agent in Blacksburg,” the AOL report adds.

WSLS cites court documents indicating that Salinas has a prior criminal history of larceny.

A trial date for Salinas was set for Oct. 19.


  1. Why fox news in the headline, he worked there 4yrs ago.

  2. + Former CBS Affiliate Newsman Jailed on Rape Charges
    + Former Reporter with WDBJ-TV in Roanoke Charged with Rape
    + Some Guy Who Once Said the words Osama Bin Laden Arrested, Possible Terrorist Link?
    + Virginia Hispanic Jailed for Rape
    + Democrat Charged with Rape
    + Non-White Rapes Someone
    + Christian Commits Horrible Crime

    If you guys are just looking for something to write, why didn’t you just say:
    Virginia Real Estate Agent Jailed for Rape

    And even if it is a slow news day, don’t join the ranks of the “bottom feeders” who practice yellow journalism on the nightly talk programs. Be better than that.

  3. This is a prime example of bias news reporting. Yes, Orlando Salinas worked at Fox News but more recently worked for CBS. There is no mention of this in the headline and until the 3rd paragraph as my journalist friends say “that is not the angle of the story”. It is clearly a fine example of Yellow Journalism.
    If convicted, Salinas should and will receive a lengthy and well deserved prison sentence. Maybe a better headline would have been “Reporter arrested for rape” and let the reader determine if CBS or Fox News was guilty of causing or overlooking his criminal behavior, if in fact he is found guilty of these or any other charges. I am sure if he is found not guilty the headlines will read “CBS reporter cleared of charges”.

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