Gruesome Photo Circulates — Along With a Bizarre Story — After Johnny Depp Cut Off Part of His Finger

Aug 15, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A disturbing photograph of Johnny Depp’s finger is making the rounds after the actor reportedly cut off part of his finger in a fit of rage.

The injury is just a part of a bizarre story that TMZ.com attributes to Amber Heard and “her people.” The story goes that after Depp accidentally cut off his fingertip he “dipped the stump in dark blue paint and wrote on the wall in paint and blood the name ‘Billy Bob’ — the actor with whom Johnny accused Amber Heard of cheating,” TMZ reports.

The horrific photo is reportedly an exhibit in Heard’s domestic violence case against Depp.

“We’re told the incident went down in March of last year, just a month after Amber and Johnny married. They were in a villa in Australia when a fierce argument erupted,” TMZ reports. “According to Amber’s version of events Johnny, who was drunk and high on ecstasy, smashed several bottles and windows and also slammed a plastic phone against the wall unit. She claims a piece of one of the items cut off a portion of his forefinger.”

Depp later used his injured finger to write words including “Billy Bob” and “Easy Amber” on the wall, according to the story.

The photo is so disturbing we don’t want to print it, but if you think you have the stomach for it you can find it by going to the link above to TMZ.

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