‘Live with Kelly’ Unveils Fall Launch Plans

Aug 25, 2016  •  Post A Comment

While it stopped short of revealing who will be Kelly Ripa’s new co-host, the daytime show “Live with Kelly” revealed what will be happening on the show during its fall launch, including the guest host lineup for the first two weeks of the season.

The show, which enters its 29th season in national syndication Sept. 5, “will feature a lineup of fall’s hottest celebrity guests, plus the latest talent stopping by the Host Chat desk to act as guest co-hosts with Kelly Ripa,” the program announced.

“As the exciting search for Kelly’s new on-air partner continues, a diverse group of personalities will join her on the show,” the announcement notes. “The new season will kick off with ‘Mr. Robot’ actor Christian Slater (Sept. 5) and ‘Rosewood’ star Morris Chestnut (Sept. 6-7), followed by journalist Anderson Cooper (Sept. 8-9).

“Host extraordinaire from ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ Chris Harrison will kick off the following week on Sept. 12, followed by ‘Bull’ star Michael Weatherly (Sept. 13) and the multi-talented Neil Patrick Harris (Sept. 14-16).”

Guests during the month of September will include Meg Ryan, Renee Zellweger, Colin Firth, Kevin James, Denzel Washington, Sophia Loren, Aaron Eckhart, Jessica Alba, Kiefer Sutherland, Samuel L. Jackson and Morgan Freeman.

“Live” will also feature performances by Martina McBride, Kristin Chenoweth, Jacob Whitesides and Ingrid Michaelson.

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  1. Nah. I’m done with this show. Tired of waiting for a New cohost. Kelly is too annoying now too…

    • Totally agree!!! Kelly is the most annoying person on TV and I thought Kathy Lee took that spot.. I was wrong…

  2. I think it is time to announce who the new co-host is going to be. We have been waiting forever and all these different people are getting annoying. There is no real relationship between Kelly and these random host’s for the most part and it isn’t as fun to watch this way.

  3. The show is done. I’ve heard its taking them forever to find a cohost cause nobody wants to work with diva Kelly………..

  4. I’ll work with her
    Just give me two weeks and a research staff. Wouldn’t that blow everyone’s Minds just pick some random person out of the American population and put them in there someone who is articulate and can be interesting and clever and funny but not a big star. Then I can become a big star and ditch the show and do TV movies. And I guess I should cut it DVD dish you just music videos to and get my own recording contract I could be a judge on The Voice then too

  5. Just pick fred savage as co host he has the right chemistry with Kelly and he seem like he is the most interest in being the co host. I set my clock for 9 when I know he’s going to co host

  6. I’m surprised they haven’t considered John Cena. He has guest cohosted on the third hour of the today show several times. He’s intelligent, athletic, articulate and has charisma. Easy on the eyes too. Oh and stop bashing Kelly.

  7. I think we as viewers need to just try to trust they will make the right decision as to who kellys new cohost should be .

  8. Please, please do NOT pick Fred Savage…..he is so mouthy never stops running his month!!! for the co-host.

  9. NLT
    Kelly is not annoying. I like the variety that having different cohost. It might be better for the show if they do pick one cohost but it has to be a person that will fit.
    Kelly did not deserve that slap in the face. She has been there for the show for “10 years”. Couldn’t they have given her the respect she deserves and notify her that Michael was leaving before he walked out the door? I’m glad she was irate at that disrespect!

  10. I love Kelly and would like to see Fred Savage be her cohost

  11. I think Kelly sucks without Michael.They should fire her bring back Michael and give him a female co-host. Do you think all of us want to watch re-runs for a whole month.You need to dump her and bring Michael back as the host.I’d rather watch Bonanza re-runs. You have to have a whole month off to send your kid to college. I hope you realize you lost your entire black viewers.

  12. I, too, am sick of the re-runs. Loyal viewers have seen it all. Pick a co-host and be done with it. I like Anderson Cooper, Fred Savage & Jerry O’Connell.

  13. When will they stop showing pre-recorded shows…. I thought this was suppose to be LIVE with Kelly?

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