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Look Who’s Talking Again: Philippe Dauman and the Redstones

Aug 12, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Management and owners at Viacom are talking again, with CEO Philippe Dauman and the Redstones, Sumner and Shari, restarting negotiations aimed at ending their dispute over who will control much of the Redstones’ $43 billion media empire, The New York Post reports.

“While it couldn’t be learned if any progress has been made in settling the feud — the Redstones’ National Amusements Inc. has moved to oust Dauman and four other Viacom board members while the CEO is fighting back in court — several key Viacom board members have moved closer to supporting a move to name a new CEO, according to a source familiar with negotiations,” The Post reports.

The report adds: “While Dauman has maintained that he has the support of a majority of the 11-person Viacom board, several board members have recently come to believe the corporate in-fighting has dragged on long enough, a source familiar with talks told The Post.”

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  1. Pay Dauman off and move on. This is doing no one any good. Especially, those of us who are shareholders

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