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This Is Scary. Car Hackers Say They’ve Been Able to Hijack a Jeep’s Brakes

Aug 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Hackers demonstrated this week how they were able to take over a Jeep’s braking system while the vehicle was at speed. The hack was accomplished by automotive cybersecurity researchers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, who expanded on their successful hacking attempt last year, when they remotely stopped a car and disabled its brakes while it was traveling below 5 mph.

“This year, they unveiled a new exploit: while in the car, plugging into the car’s electronic system to hijack its steering and brake systems, while going at a much faster clip,” USA Today reports.

The report adds: “While they’re clear what they’ve done is difficult, time-consuming and not anything that’s going to be widely possible for years, they’re also insistent that by getting the word out now, car companies can get ahead of the problem and build systems that are safer.”

Miller and Valasek talked about the hack this week in Las Vegas at the Black Hat computer security conference.

Said Miller: “Let’s make this harder to do. Any technology system can be leveraged by attackers.”

USA Today adds: “The pair walked a packed audience through how they broke into their 2014 Jeep Cherokee’s code, found its vulnerabilities and were then able to engage the brakes, take over the steering wheel and set the parking brake — all while the car was driving at speeds as high as 30 miles per hour.”

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