Fox News Host, TV Producer in Twitter Skirmish

Sep 20, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A war of words has been raging on social media between Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity and television producer David Simon. The AP reports that the two men have been “tossing vulgarities at each other” on Twitter.

“Simon, who made ‘The Wire,’ sent out a mocking tweet about Hannity hosting a Donald Trump town hall meeting about issues confronting black America on Wednesday,” the AP reports. “Simon used a deliberately misspelled offensive term about blacks to refer to Hannity in saying that if Fox couldn’t get author Ta-Nehisi Coates or ‘Black Lives Matter’ activist DeRay McKesson to host, ‘then who but you on the pulse of black America.'”

Hannity reportedly responded with a tweet saying: “Maybe it’s just your ignorance about conservatives, or maybe you’re just a malicious (expletive).”

Simon got some backlash about his use of what the AP report calls “the common slur for blacks.”

“He addressed a later tweet to the ‘hall monitors,’ saying he intentionally used it to point out that it was wrong to use a white Fox personality for a show to address issues in the black community,” the AP reports.


  1. What exactly did Simon say?? I don’t really want to guess so why wasn’t what he said printed?? Was it too vulgar??

  2. Isn’t David Simon white? Who is he to judge Hannity on this issue?

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