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A Troubling Rumor About NBC’s Jimmy Fallon Resurfaces

Oct 26, 2016  •  Post A Comment

NBC late-night mainstay Jimmy Fallon has been warned by his bosses at the network to cut back on his alcohol consumption, according to a report by The New York Post’s Page Six that cites “multiple insiders” at the network.

The “Tonight Show” host, who recently had his contract with NBC extended through late 2021, reportedly received the warning following what the story calls “a series of bizarre late-night accidents.”

The Post quotes an NBC insider saying: “There were fears that Fallon was out of control and something could happen while he’s out drinking. Things got so serious at one stage that execs feared that Jimmy was splitting up with his wife over his drinking, but they patched things up.”

The report adds: “The beloved ‘Tonight Show’ host’s recent allegedly alcohol-aided antics include tripping on a rug at home and nearly severing his ring finger on a table in June 2015. Then he chipped his tooth ‘trying to open medicine for his injured finger’ a few months later. In October 2015 he cut his hand on a bottle of Jagermeister. In September of this year a ‘very drunk’ Fallon was seen alone at an NYC punk bar at 3 a.m, which sparked more NBC concerns.”

While stories about Fallon’s drinking have been circulating for a while, The Post reports that he has ditched his longtime publicist and recently hired Brad Pitt’s crisis PR manager.

NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt strongly denied there’s any concern at the network, telling The Post: “As a producer and star [Fallon] delivers over 200 hours of television a year, and any suggestion that we have concerns about his behavior or have given him any kind of ‘warning’ is completely false.”

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  1. Chairman Bob Greenblatt strongly denied there’s any concern at the network, ? Really the lady she doth protest too much me thinks

  2. Explains why Fallon’s show is not funny. He uses many of the same lines…over and over and over. He says every night “we have a great audience”…”we have a fantastic show”… and so forth…the same robotic cliches, over and over. They come across disingenuous, just like him. The same routines every week, over and over and over. He’s mailing it in. Fallon would probably be better working for his right wing buddy Donald Trump, but Trump doesn’t drink.

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