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Report Reveals How Much Money It Will Take for Fox News to Keep Megyn Kelly

Oct 27, 2016  •  Post A Comment

As rumors circulate that Megyn Kelly is shopping her talents beyond Fox News, a new report says she’s seeking an average salary north of $20 million to remain at FNC.

Our friend Joe Flint broke the story in The Wall Street Journal, which is behind a paywall, with Flint’s report also cited by Mediaite. Flint’s report cites sources who are familiar with the situation.

Rupert Murdoch, who is currently CEO at Fox News along with his role as co-executive chairman of parent company 21st Century Fox, told WSJ that keeping Kelly, whose star has risen dramatically in the current election cycle, is a high priority for senior management — and confirmed that contract talks are ongoing.

Kelly is said to be making about $15 million in the final year of her current contract. A bump to $20 million or more would put her on the same level as Fox News star Bill O’Reilly.

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  1. DUMP HER. I am a conservative woman (wife and mother). I have watched Mrs. Kelly and have appreciated her confident bipartisan commentary…until the election coverage. I did not like Trump’s treatment toward her during the primaries but it did prompt me to pay more attention. What I found was an apparent progressive partisan undertone developing within Mrs. Kelly. I tried to put it away, excusing her tone as someone who simply hates corruption, social bigotry and lying. But after her attack on Newt, where she failed to recognize and correlate the connection between HilLIARY’s candidacy and her predatory husband, that was it for me. I turn her off. FOX is considered conservative but more than that, “fair and balanced”. You must protect that. Mrs. Kelly cannot be the face of FOX. You know you have success when your viewers work to find a reporter’s political lean, hence, O’reilly. Love him; Keep him! I am intelligent. It is ok to give me all the information so that I can make my own educated decision. By the way, Mrs. Kelly IS NOT my defender [as a woman]!

  2. I agree, let her go. Shannon Bream or Jenna Lee would be just as good. Maybe Megan can revive “The View” if ABC had the sense to can every single person on the show and start over with Megan Kelly as the “host.”

  3. Kelly has an “it” factor. She’s heads above any other woman in the news/talk sphere. Currently, Fox News is a mess and I think Kelly doesn’t want to deal with it as it will take years to shed Ailes’ baggage.

    I think she should explore a deal with Disney/ABC where she could have multiple platforms: syndication, network (View), news and prime. She could evolve into Barbara Walter/Dianne Sawyer with specials and big ‘gets’ on a network with a pedigree versus a network with problems like Hannity.

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