The Women of ABC’s ‘The View’ Set Prime-Time Election Night Special — But It Won’t Be on ABC

Oct 27, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The co-hosts of the ABC daytime talk staple “The View” will be covering the presidential election live in prime time on election night, but the 2-1/2-hour special won’t be carried on ABC — it will be on Lifetime.

The event program, “The View Live Election Special,” will keep it in the corporate family, as Lifetime owner A+E Networks is co-owned by the Disney-ABC Television Group.

The program, which will take place on “The View’s” usual set with a live studio audience, will include election-themed Hot Topics, interactive election activities and up-to-the-minute results from key battleground states. The telecast is set for Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

Also on tap are live reports from the ground in Times Square, where thousands of people are expected to gather and celebrate the election.

In an announcement, Liz Gateley, EVP and Head of Programming for Lifetime, said: “Continuing Lifetime’s legacy and mission to be at the forefront of women’s issues and amplify their voices, we are thrilled to partner with our talented friends at ‘The View’ on this historic night. Never before have we seen a presidential election cycle so driven by gender, and as a network we are proud to bring diverse perspectives to the national conversation.”


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  1. Why….Why….Why would you do that. I used to love the View, but I stopped recording it because I just couldn’t take it anymore. They are NOT a News show. You will NOT get a diverse perspective. They used to be a show about Pop News and Let’s make you feel good about yourself show. When I want to know about politics I watch George Stephanopoulos. He is a Real News journalist along with Paula Faris. They report the good, the bad and the ugly on both sides of the fence unlike most of the ladies of the View without Barbara. You should just have Paula host the election show. She is a credible journalist.

    You will not be giving a diverse perspective if that is what you are looking for with all of the ladies of the View. It will be a one sided point of view.

    I wish Barbara was back at the table. The ladies need to be reminded of what a good View host looks like. In her career, she interviewed a lot of people and one never knew who she voted for. She delivered the story and let you make up your mind. The ladies at the table used to be Respectful to their guests even if they disagreed with their point of view. The ladies used to banter with each other showing both sides of the topic at hand. Now it is just Hilary, Hilary & Hilary and disrespect to anyone who isn’t on the bandwagon.

    And Lastly, please let Joy go back to JUST being a comedian. She CAN NOT report news. She flubs her lines to much. I used to like her before she returned last year and now I just think she is stupid. I have lost all respect for her. Which is sad because she is very funny.

    Dallas Texas

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