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Election Results: If You Want Numbers, and Can’t Wait Until TV News Outlets Start Providing Them, Here’s One Place You Can Find Them

Nov 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Election Day protocol will prevent TV news outlets from providing meaningful numbers on the vote count until this evening, as polls begin to close. But Politico notes that preliminary numbers are already being calculated and published, thanks to some high-tech computer modeling by Slate and VoteCastr.

“Just two hours after the first polls open, Slate and VoteCastr will be releasing computer model projections based on voter turnout and pre-election polls,” Politico reports. “It’s a controversial project, with some observers worried early and potentially precarious projections could affect the actual vote. It’s unclear how predictive and stable the data will be throughout the day, or how it might influence media coverage.”

The projections can be found on Slate.com by clicking here.


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  1. Early numbers will certainly favor Democrats. But once Republicans get off work and are able to go vote things start looking a bit more balanced.

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