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Ten Weeks Into the Broadcast Season, How Many of the New Shows Have Been Canceled? (The Answer May Surprise You)

Nov 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A report published today on one of the big changes in the broadcast television model notes that as the 2016-17 broadcast season heads into its 10th week, not one of the season’s 20 new series has been canceled.

“Gone are the days when TV shows such as ‘Quarterlife,’ ‘Emily’s Reasons Why Not’ and ‘South of Sunset’ disappeared after only a single episode,” Anthony Crupi reports in Ad Age.

Crupi adds: “A steady diminishment of gross ratings points and the hope that delayed viewing may translate into a compensatory uptick in commercial deliveries have stayed the executioner’s hand in unprecedented fashion.”

To some extent, however, the difference between cancellation and the new preferred method of dealing with low-rated shows — keeping them on the air while scaling back the episode order — is a matter of semantics, the report notes.

“When ABC on Oct. 25 trimmed its initial order for the ‘Scandal’ substitute ‘Notorious’ from 13 epsisodes to 10, it effectively separated the show’s head from its body,” Crupi writes. “And with good reason — according to Nielsen C3 ratings, ‘Notorious’ is now averaging a meager 1.0 among adults 18 to 49. With just one unscheduled hour left to air, ‘Notorious’ is as canceled as a series can be. ABC is nonetheless unlikely to formally draw a line through its name until the week before the network’s next upfront presentation in May.”

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