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Now Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin Are Going at It on Twitter

Nov 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

President-elect Donald Trump was back on The Twitter over the weekend, addressing the issue of whether NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” is funny.

Trump tweeted early Sunday: “I watched parts of @nbcsnl Saturday Night Live last night. It is a totally one-sided, biased show – nothing funny at all. Equal time for us?”

He may have been irked by the cold open, which you can watch below, in which Alec Baldwin portrays Trump as somewhat less than prepared for the presidency.

Trump’s tweet appeared to provoke Baldwin, who went on a Twitter tirade. Baldwin responded to Trump’s tweet with one that read: “Equal time? Election is over. There is no more equal time. Now u try 2 b Pres + ppl respond. That’s pretty much it.”

In a series of subsequent tweets, Baldwin wrote: “You know what I would do if I were Prez? I’d be focused on how to improve the lives of AS MANY AMERICANS AS POSSIBLE

“I’d be focused on improving our reputation abroad, including actually fighting for freedom and not just oil.

“I would make appointments that encouraged people, not generate fear and doubt.”

Here’s Baldwin’s impression of Trump from Satuday’s cold open …


  1. Give ’em hell, Alec! That Trump is a total asshole.

  2. Baldwin is a sore looooser…

  3. After 8 years of a Baldwin love affair with the Obama administration he can enumerate all the things he would do as “Prez” to fix things??? That is EXACTLY why Trump got elected! Duh!! Why does “tallent” equate fame with knowledge? They spend most of their lives simply saying what other people write for them!

  4. How VERY presidential. #notmyfuehrer

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