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Why Bud Light Has Pulled Its ‘Party’ Campaign that Starred Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen

Nov 2, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Anheuser-Busch InBev has stopped running its Bud Light Party campaign, which featured Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen delivering politically themed messages. Ad Age reports that there’s one big reason for the move: The campaign failed to pump up beer sales.

The campaign “has proven to be a major disappointment by failing to reverse declining sales trends,” Ad Age reports, adding that Bud Light sales to retailers fell by mid-single digits’ in the third quarter.

“The brand lost 0.65 points of market share in the third quarter,” the story reports. “Year-to-date, Bud Light’s market share is down by 0.50 points, the brewer estimated.”

The report quotes one AB InBev distributor saying: “It has not been one of our better campaigns and AB will agree with that. When we saw it a year ago we were all very excited, but it just has not worked out well.”

The campaign was expected to end in the fall anyway, as the brewer shifts to NFL-themed marketing, including dressing cans up with team logos.

Here’s a sample spot …


  1. Its because Bud Light is a shit beer…has nothing to do with Amy or Seth..

  2. Bud Light may not be a GREAT beer, but this quarter’s dismal sales report for Bud Light has EVERYTHING to do with AMY & Seth.

  3. It was a lousy Super Bowl ad ; pales compared to previous commercials.

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