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Why ‘Live With Kelly’ Is Having a Hard Time Finding a Permanent Co-Host for Kelly Ripa

Nov 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Viewers of the morning talk staple “Live with Kelly” have been getting a little restless as the search for a permanent co-host drags on. The show has brought aboard about 43 guest hosts, who have filled in on about 90 episodes since Michael Strahan’s awkwardly handled departure all the way back in spring.

A rep for the show told Fox News the search is on track. The unnamed rep is quoted saying: “We’re happy with how things are going so far with the co-host search. There is no timeline for the selection of the new co-host.”

Pop culture expert Cate Meighan notes that the show has traditionally taken its time selecting a new co-host. But Meighan suggests there may be another issue this time around.

“Kelly Ripa’s fury at her treatment by ABC during Strahan’s departure has hardly been a secret,” Meighan says. “It’s very possible that the network has been more concerned with their treatment of her than they’ve been with seating a co-host beside her. After all, if they lose her, then they have no show and it wouldn’t matter who was chosen.”

The report adds: “Shortly after Strahan’s exit, rumors swirled about what it was really like to work with Ripa. The New York Post reported she was called ‘Queen Kelly’ behind-the-scenes and had a ‘total meltdown’ backstage.”

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  1. Yeah it’s Kelly’s fault. She’s a total diva man…who would wanna work with her???!!

  2. The shows rating are tanking their isn’t a co-host alive that can bring her back!

  3. I think Kelly Rippa is the best thing that happened to Live. If you think she’s so terrible. Quit watching the show. You act like you know the woman. They’ll find a cohost eventually. It took a year to sign on Strahan. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the variety of guest cohorts. Keep on being you Kelly. Love you, girl.

  4. Kelly really doesn’t need a co- host she can carry the show just fine and I don’t mind the variety of revolving co-hosts it’s not World Peace ,…….it’s morning television

  5. I don’t like the show any more. It’s boring and dull. Kelly is so hung up on herself that the ship is sinking. No cohost can help.

  6. I thought the winner of her co-host search contest becomes the new sidekick and super co -host.He certainly is doing a fabulous job next to her and she responds well with him.!

  7. She lost me when she started being political…used to love to watch because no political discussions…having Hilary lapdog Megan Kelly and Anderson Cooper blew it for me…

  8. I have always watched the show because of her. She has a great energy and keeps the show rolling.
    Let them call her a diva! If you don’t stand up for yourself who else will. I really don’t think she that political compared to late night show hosts, the election done, get over it!! Kelly you are authentic, rock on.

  9. Kelly Ripa is a good reason to wake in the morning. I watch GMA then Kelly. Off the TV goes after that because what could ever make you any better than Kelly.I agreed let all those in line way cake. The Quuen is Kelly Ripa.

  10. Just like with anyone given alttle power, notoriety The head and the Ego gets big. She may good at what she does but she’s s much better with someone. She’s not interesting on her own she knows that they know that most important the fans know that.
    Kelly, eat humble pie! It’s time for selfawareness You are expendable!
    Fakeness is seen by all.

  11. This has been going on way to long. It seems to be more about ratings. Kelly is amazing but needs the side kick to enhance the show. Don’t make this process to long because it’s becoming a boring subject.

  12. They can cancel the show and it won’t hurt my feelings. I stopped watching since Regis & Kathy Lee. I tried watching Regis & Kelly when she first started but couldn’t stomach her. She comes across like a spoiled brat.

  13. I love live with Kelly! Todays cohost was the best Chris Hardwick! They were so great together!!!!

  14. Kelli Roppa has a big head and it’s tome to end the show.The end!

  15. Sorry,I meant to say Kelli has a big head and the show should end.I enjoyed Michael on the show,now it’s boring.The End !

  16. I used to watch the show because I had an accident and was confined to bed. I got so tired of hearing about her and Mark, Mark, Mark!!!! Yuck…or her AMAZING kids. Surely there is something else going on in the world.

  17. I use to watch the show but not anymore. Kelly thinks she is the boss of everything. I also haven’t watched the show since Regis left.

  18. I miss Michael. Don’t miss the revolving cohosts. I probably would choose Ryan Seacrest, Megan Kelly, or Carrie Ann Inaba as her permanent cohost. I doubt any are possible .

  19. I enjoy the revolving co-hosts. Folks, remember not to believe everything you read about a person. Media puts a twist on things to sell themselves. If you are unhappy with Kelly or the way the network is handling things then change the channel or turn off your TV.

  20. If you don’t like Kelly then don’t watch the show. Meanwhile I think its pretty good.

  21. Ripa is about Ripa . Has been since she sat in the chair . Her fans are ignorant if they respond differently . She’s about herself . Michael Needed to move in a different direction anyways .


  23. I have tried to to enter in the Kelly and Ryan makeover but finding the website has been impossible. I would love to have a make over because I was am still married to the man I loved for 33 years that got sick and 55 days later he died. Rocked my world I lost him on March 10, 2016. September 2016, I started college for Business Management and got graduated with my certification in June 2017. Since then I have taken my test to sell insurance in the state of Texas but because of Hurricane Harvey they are not issuing any new license. I have done everything I can do not to crawl into a ball and grieve myself to death. I hate being home with nothing to do and worrying about how I can pay my bills because I have done everything to be productive. I am 60 years old but I am full of life but feel like I have no hope. I hate this because I have so much to give. If I need a new look then I am ready so bring it on I have been thru so much I can handle a new look.

  24. I don’t like to worship anyone..she is worshiped that’s not why anyone should watch TV…there are many 5hings you can do to be productive than to sit down and watch silliness as this show is…It is true who wants to watch a woman talk about her mark and children…please give me a break ..people with so much money have a bratty side …you watch silliness and make her rich…wha can she deposit in your bank account…grow up americans

  25. She likes scat !

  26. Boring. stupid show for people with no lives. A bunch of say nothing garbage. She makes the money while your brain turns to mush watching boring, useless garbage. Be like Warren Buffet and other successful people and read much of your free time. Read about things that can help you and not watch Ripa get even wealthier as you eat cheese doodles watching her.

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