Report: Clinton Saw It Coming

Nov 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new report suggests that insiders in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign had a pretty good idea during the campaign’s final days that they were in trouble.

Politico reports that the Clinton campaign was “already more nervous than it had been letting on” when the news broke that FBI director James Comey was looking into Clinton’s emails again, stoking an issue that had dogged Clinton throughout the campaign.

“Interviews over the closing weeks of the 2016 campaign with members of Clinton’s innermost circle, close advisers and other aides reveal a deep frustration with their failure to make a dent, a consuming sense that their candidate’s persecution paranoia might actually be right, and a devastating belief that they might never persuade Americans to vote for her,” Politico reports.


  1. The reopening of the FBI investigation into Clinton’s emails actually had little impact on the final result. What WILL have a future impact however, will be the FBI’s ongoing investigation into the Clinton Foundation’s “Pay-for Play” practices. People figured out a long time ago that while she might have traveled more miles than any SOS in the history of our great nation, her lack of any “positive” accomplishments as SOS pointed to one rather obvious conclusion…she had her “Trick or Treat” bag out to whoever was willing to give her a little sugar. Hillary could still find herself where she belongs…behind bars. Then she can give speeches for free to the other inmates.

  2. The media wonders why they are not trusted and got it so wrong. Look no further than this article’s headline”Report: Clinton Saw It Coming.” She didn’t see anything coming, she had the “glass ceiling” set up and the party ready to roll. Some in her campaign may have sensed something, but overall the notion was she was destined for a coronation.

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