The Most Common Surnames in the U.S.: Taylor and Thomas Drop Out of the Top 15 — Here’s Who Replaced Them

Dec 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

While Smith and Johnson have long been the most common surnames in the U.S., changes have been taking place in the rankings below them. Reporting on a new Census Bureau analysis crunching the numbers from the 2010 census, The New York Times reports that a key trend has been the ascent of Hispanic surnames.

Taylor and Thomas fell out of the top 15 in the 10 years since the previous census, replaced by Lopez and Gonzalez. That means that six of the top 15 are now Hispanic names, vs. four 10 years earlier — and none in the top 15 as recently as 1990.

Garcia, Rodriguez, Martinez and Hernandez all made the top 15 for the first time in the 2000 census.

Just below the juggernauts Smith and Johnson, Williams continues to hold down the No. 3 spot and Brown, which moved ahead of Jones in 2000, remains at No. 4 with Jones still at No. 5.

Garcia is the highest-ranked Hispanic surname at No. 6.

Here’s the top 15, based on the 2010 census:

  1. Smith
  2. Johnson
  3. Williams
  4. Brown
  5. Jones
  6. Garcia
  7. Miller
  8. Davis
  9. Rodriguez
  10. Martinez
  11. Hernandez
  12. Lopez
  13. Gonzalez
  14. Wilson
  15. Anderson

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