As Donald Trump Is Sworn in Today, Journalists Have a Big Responsibility Covering the New Trump Administration. Here’s Our Journalist Role Model

Jan 20, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Just as it’s clear that Donald Trump is media savvy, it’s clear that he’s anti-journalism. So how should journalists cover him and his administration? Please click here to read an essay by Open Mic blogger Chuck Ross, who says a good starting point would be to try to follow in the footsteps of the late John Higgins.


  1. Agreed!… the press is our last line of defense… they cannot be intimidated by this buffoon whom they will have to call Mr. President… do not let this clown get away with not answering any questions… do not be afraid to engage him… raise your voices if necessary!

  2. Once upon a time ‘Journalistic Integrity’ was redundant! According to you Chuck and those you quote, John Higgins would have fit that description. Unfortunately that has changed. Today’s reporters are generally not journalists but rather agents for a particular political party or ideology. The nearly lockstep support for Clinton the mainstream media was in during this election cycle is what created the issues the incoming administration has with them – and rightfully so. The media failed to provide any balance, impartiality or accuracy. The verification and digging for facts you complement John Higgins for was absent. It may take a generation to fix what went wrong with the media. University professors with universal liberal agendas educated the current crop of media employees and has to take some of the blame for the situation. Until ‘Journalistic Integrity’ becomes redundant again the media will be treated as untrustworthy by most intelligent Americans.

  3. Unfortunately, “Muckrakers” of the past, like Jack Anderson, are no longer around to keep politicians on their toes. For those too young to remember, Jack Anderson had sources at many levels of government and exposed both Democrats and Republicans whenever he found wrong doing. He didn’t care whose toes he stepped on. He felt the American people had a right to know the truth. Today, we have supposed “journalists” from the FNN (Fake News Network) that give the questions to participants in a presidential debate. Unfortunately, both parties need people like Jack Anderson and companies like Wikileaks to keep them honest. The media isn’t being unbiased. The media is supposed to be the 4th branch of government that keeps the other 3 branches honest. Boy, how they have fallen down on their jobs.

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