Ads You Can Feel — Literally; New Spots Go Beyond Sight, Sound and Motion

Jan 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A new sensory element is being developed to complement Madison Avenue’s “Holy Trinity of sensory perception” — sight, sound and motion. MediaPost reports that Interpublic’s Media Lab and Magna are exploring ads that bring the sense of touch into play.

The research is based on tests of a series of “touch-enabled” video ads, which produce tactile haptic feedback that enables users to literally feel them, the story reports. The ads reportedly create a 50% lift in brand favorability.

The findings will be released in the report “Ads You Can Feel: The New Mobile Experience.” The findings “were based on a study of haptic feedback enabled pre-roll Web video ads using technology developed by Immersion Corp. for … four brands — BMW, Royal Caribbean, Arby’s and Truvia — that were experienced by a panel of 1,137 Android users,” MediaPost reports.

The ads are best experienced when viewed while holding a haptic-enabled mobile device, but the video below, posted by Immersion Corp., gives the general idea. The viewer has to imagine the phone reverberating during parts of the clip.

“The study found that well-executed haptic applications increase a viewer’s engagement with an ad, but also boost the toucher’s sense of connection with a brand in the most literal way, yielding emotional connections — especially ‘happiness’ and excitement,” MediaPost notes.

Here’s a taste … er, touch … in the sample ad posted by Immersion Corp. …

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