Bill Maher Attacks Trump as Maher Prepares New Season of ‘Real Time’

Jan 17, 2017  •  Post A Comment

HBO host Bill Maher pointed to a Donald Trump strategy for his show “Real Time,” which returns for its 15th season Jan. 20 — the same day as Trump’s inauguration and, coincidentally, Maher’s 61st birthday.

Maher talked about what he has in mind for the show in the age of Trump in an interview with Variety, suggesting that he’s leaning toward keeping things status quo.

“Let’s not go too far with the changes, because what people are going to want right now is comfort food,” Maher told the publication. “We already had the big changes — the big change is how fascism has come into power. That’s enough for people to absorb for a while.”

The report notes that Maher and Trump have a history of confrontation. “The real-estate mogul sued him in 2013 after Maher vowed on NBC’s ‘The Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ that he would offer $5 million to Trump’s favorite charity if Trump could prove that he was not the ‘spawn’ of an orangutan,” Variety reports. “Trump later filed a breach-of-contract suit, but ended up withdrawing it.”

But Maher noted that he may have common ground with Trump supporters. “If you listen to every Trump voter, what they always say is, ‘We’re not assholes, and we’re not that stupid, but what we love is that he wasn’t politically correct,'” said Maher, whose old Comedy Central and ABC show was called “Politically Incorrect.”

Maher added: “We’re choking on this political correctness. We’ve got to stop doing that. We’ve got to stop taking the bait when Trump says, ‘I’m going to make it OK to say “Merry Christmas” again.’ Well, fine. I never objected to ‘Merry Christmas’ in the first place. Don’t take the bait. Liberal Democrats in this last election made the white majority feel like a minority and vote like a minority. And that’s pretty amazing.”

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  1. Would love to see Bill Maher do a ‘point-counterpoint’ with Dennis Miller! Bill Maher is emulated by liberal Millennials who believe the false narratives he has propagated for nearly 20 years. If not for propaganda the left would have nothing to say!

  2. Great point Reality Check. I remember when we used to plunk down a few bucks to see pay-per-view boxing. That point-counterpoint would be worth it! I always thought Maher’s show was completely misnamed. It was all about political correctness, it had nothing to do with being politically “incorrect.”

  3. Maher isn’t funny anymore, but rather desperate. Time to retire. Running out of good material.

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