Last Person to Walk on the Moon Has Died

Jan 17, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The last person to walk on the moon has died in Houston, reports The New York Times. Eugene Cernan, who walked on the moon in 1972, as part of the Apollo 17 team, was 82, Times says.

Notes the Times obituary, “A ferocious competitor with a test pilot’s reckless streak, Mr. Cernan (pronounced SIR-nun) rocketed into space three times, was the second American to drift weightless around the world on a tether, went to the moon twice and shattered aerospace records on the Earth and the moon.

“He also slid down a banister on a visit to the White House and once crashed a helicopter in the Atlantic while chasing a dolphin. Skimming the lunar surface in a rehearsal for the first manned landing, he erupted with salty language heard by millions when his craft briefly spun out of control.

“But he made spacewalks and romps over the lunar surface look routine, and in a way they were.”

To read more about Cernan, please click on the link to the Times, above, or click here, to read a tribute to Cernan from a Time magazine reporter who knew him.

Here’s an 8 minute interveiw with Cernan before his Apollo 17 flight that we found on YouTube:

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