Steve Harvey Reveals What His Meeting With Trump Was About

Jan 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Comedian and “Family Feud” host Steve Harvey met with Donald Trump today at Trump Tower, and after the meeting Harvey posted a message on Twitter explaining what it was about.

Harvey indicated that he was inspired by President Obama to reach out in an effort to help the country move forward. He said he found Trump “both congenial and sincere.”

Harvey also mentioned efforts to help the inner cities and the role Trump ally Dr. Ben Carson might play. Here’s Harvey’s Twitter post …


  1. DONALD TRUMP DOESN’T want to help anyone but DONALD TRUMP!! My husband and I really LIKED watching Family Feud and we were really hoping that it wasn’t you next to Trump. What a disappointment. Reading your twitter made me ill. Didn’t your mother tell you that you are judged by the company you keep? Mine did. We will no longer be watching the Family Feud or any other program you are on. I cannot support someone and spend my time watching someone who thinks Donald Trump or anyone in his inner circle is sincere.

  2. So, Steve, Trump convinced you was sincere?
    Since you believed that, please contact me regarding an excellent investment opportunity involving a bridge in Brooklyn.

  3. Steve knows where his audience comes from. The people who voted for Trump are the middle class Americans that watch Family Feud and other game shows. You may not like that fact, but snarky remarks about Steve Harvey don’t fix the fact the democrats missed the mark this time. Next time we need a candidate that understands the voters. Speeches that refer to the middles class as those making under $150,000 show just how out of touch she is.

  4. The intolerance of Hilary Losers is amazing! They behave in exactly the way they accuse anyone that does not think and believe as they do of behaving! We who did not vote for President Obama wanted him to be what he said he would be – we were ready to acknowledge we were wrong about him. Unfortunately we were right! He ran a secretive and divisive administration. Increased healthcare costs, taxes and regulations that crippled businesses and cost jobs. He lied to the American people time and again. Now we have a new President. If he is successful in rebuilding our military, law enforcement, infrastructure, jobs, education, urban centers and more – will you acknowledge the good work? Yeah – right! The day a liberal admits that they were wrong pigs will fly!

  5. I ve never heard of aa trickle up. Every member in his cabinet as an axe to grind and since there s no middle class they intend to rob social security into oblivion. My point everyone who paid into social security and Medicare start a class action and draw it all out. Then they ll have to rob the general funds and might get caught and shot.

  6. Donald dick trump has been compared to hitler and mousilini. Both of them smarter than Donald dick trump. Hitler burned to death,mousiline shot hung upside down and his manparts hacked off. He s going to have 2 wars started before the yr. is up. Whoever heard of any previous president bragging a Russian leader is smarter than pres. Obama. Before the yr. is up this cocaine snatch pulling knot head is going to have goon squads everywhere shooting protesters. Hence civil war. Being blackmailed by Putin with sex pictures as he only thinks with his dick and it’s smarter than he is. It’s shrivel.ing up with old age. He thinks he s a obove the law. Look at Gloria allreds women coming forward in a class suit. How he s dodged paying taxes. Written letters proclaiming a cocaine dealer as such a nice guy. In bed with the mafia to get one of his hotels built. He told the public in one of his debates that the voting would be rigged and Putin got it done. Putin has a backup Picts . Of the peter tweeter with underage sex photos.

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