Jon Stewart Reads Trump’s Next Set of Executive Orders

Feb 1, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Onetime late-night talk fixture Jon Stewart returned to the daypart this week, appearing as a “friend of the show” on CBS’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” with a list of upcoming executive orders from Donald Trump.

Here’s the clip …


  1. This passes for comedy now??? Sad…

    • The really unfair statement above passes for ‘comment’ now??? Just sad. Really sad.

  2. Haha. We need John Stewart now more than ever.

  3. Very sad – Most folks even with similar liberal views as the Hollywood elite hippocrates – object to the gutter mouth these guys think is so clever! My mother (of blessed memory) always taught that people that use foul language do so because they know their message lacks credibility. Very much like “selling the sizzle instead of the steak”. For those that don’t understand this analogy – Even rotten meat sounds the same on a hot platter!

    • Contrary to your blessed mother’s teachings, recent studies have shown that people who “swear” are generally more intelligent and have larger vocabularies than those who don’t.

      • Well I’ll be dammed!

      • You made that up!

        • The hell you say!

  4. Let’s have a countdown to how many days before a supposed objective reporting page has any article that is positive for Trump. There are many other interesting subjects to report on besides anti-Trump items. Every president prior to Trump was given about a 100 day “honeymoon” when they first started. I guess if you are a left wing Regressive, that happens to have a media outlet, that rule no longer applies. That’s sad for our country.

    • Observed…skeptically.

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