Playboy Brings Back Naked Women — and It May Be Thanks to Trump

Feb 13, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Playboy magazine is back to publishing photos of naked women, reversing a decision the publication made in 2015. Forbes reports that the ban on nudity ends with the magazine’s March/April 2017 issue.

The move comes as Cooper Hefner, Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s 25-year-old son and the magazine’s chief creative officer, assumes greater control of the publication.

Forbes notes that Cooper writes about the policy in a letter from the editor that appears in the issue. In it, Forbes reports, he “heralds the dawn of ‘The New Playboy Philosophy.’ Noting the brand’s history and ‘the magazine’s unapologetic portrayal of nudity and its revolutionary approach to sex,’ he underscores its real appeal as a cultural ground-breaker, ‘namely the brand’s tradition of tenaciously advocating for civil liberties and freedom of expression.’ Today, he notes, ‘our hard won victories are in peril.’ Taking a hard swipe at President Donald Trump, he calls for a counter to the rise of neo-conservatism and ‘politicians [who] seem comfortable jeopardizing the rights of specific groups in the belief that it will “make America great again.”‘”


  1. At 25 years old and “full of wisdom”! The publication made a bad decision and he thinks he needs an excuse to reverse it. Climbing on the anti Trump hysteria of the Democrat leftists who lost so much political power is another bad business decision. A smart publisher publically cares only about subscriptions (except the NYT which long ago decided to entertain their NY base and feed them a constant bias diet of liberal pablum) not politics. Why alienate half your potential customers? Well, I guess it has been a long time since I was as smart as a 25 year old!

  2. Once again Reality Check HITS THE NAIL ON THE HEAD !! (nice job). I remember when I was that young and also that smart. At least my Father wasn’t a geriatric degenerate so he was able to point out to me when I really wasn’t as smart as I thought I was! But it’s hard to effectively refute the logic young Cooper espouses: “The evil President Trump is BAD!!!” “So, we’re going to bring back naked pictures of WOMEN which will empower EVERYONE !! ” (cue maniacal laughing offstage).

  3. I have always enjoyed viewing naked, healthy, women! Generally, I get somewhat exsitef@

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